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Wood Prints

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Wood printing, in the simplest of words, is photos printed on wood. Wood photo prints differ from other methods like photo mounting and dye [+]

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Unleash the divinity by printing your photos on wood

Print your priceless expression on wood and share the eternal love with your loved ones.

Design your custom wood prints to splatter expression in the truest form

Wood Prints are available in six trendy sizes. At CanvasChamp, we use only premium quality wood to print your most adorable pictures. The Custom Wood Prints are imprinted on 1.0" thick quality wood. To ensure additional security, every Wood Print Wrap is done with a defensive laminate, which lets you clean the dirt by simply using a dry napkin.

  • 8"x8" Wood Print

  • 8"x10" Wood Print

  • 11"x14" Wood Print

  • 16"x20" Wood Print

Moments spent with loved ones are meant to be cherished

At CanvasChamp our craftsman are determined to serve you with the best quality personalized wood prints. To ensure the same we have built following design patterns;

  • Single Piece wood prints

    Portray your distinct pictorial moments in a unique way with these single piece wood prints. Adorn your walls with the essence of class and beauty.

  • Three wood print panels

    Pictures are the best way to narrate a story or share events from a special day. Wear your creative hat and customize your three wood prints panels now.

  • Four piece wood prints

    Take your creativity to the next level and share your expressions in the most unbiased form using the four-piece wood prints.

An unmatched personalized gift for your loved ones

Feelings attain the best mold when they are expressed. Express flawlessly with wood prints.

Product Details

The frame’s thickness

To ensure that your wood print remains durable and light weighted, the craftsmen at CanvasChamp decided to use 1.0 inch as the standard thickness of wood prints. The quality of wood and the defined thickness, together ensure that your high-resolution pictures get printed on wood in the best possible way.

Finishing options

The wood prints printed at CanvasChamp come with 100% happiness guarantee. Having said this, you can always rely on the quality of our end products. Our experts leave no stone unturned to avail you best quality wood prints at most affordable prices. To accomplish this flawlessly, we have a dedicate design tool which gives you access to a range of finishing options. Regarding rest, you can count on us.

Hanging options

At CanvasChamp we are dedicated to serving our clients with the best wood printing services. Mounting your prints on the wall is one such crucial part of it. Wood prints made at CanvasChamp come with a groove at the back, which can be utilized to hand your wood prints using a screw. For additional perfection, the grooves are made in a way that the print does not lie flat on the wall, instead remains almost half-an-inch away from the wall to give floating effect.

Kind of wood

All our prints are made on Chromaluxe Wooden Panels. Close to the photograph determination and different parameters, nature of wood assumes a powerful part in choosing the presence of your wood prints. To guarantee that you get the best with them, we utilize just the prescribed best quality woods to print your beautiful minutes. Also, every panel initially goes through a defined testing procedure to ensure it is fit enough to be used.

Image resolution and DPI

Our experts consider 1040 DPI as the best resolution for an image. Our specialists trust that to print photographs on woods, one requires a characterized DPI in order to have best outcomes. It is only after closely understanding and analyzing the details, the experts at CanvasChamp recommended 1040 DPI picture as standard.


At CanvasChamp we only use premium quality wood to shape your wood prints. We utilize MDF composite wood material, which ensures that the item will last with you for years ahead, much the same as your recollections. We print specifically on wood with changeless UV ink so it mirrors the one of a kind characteristic examples of the wood itself.

Our customers love our products

We are blessed to have immense love from our customers
  • 100% love guarantee

    We can assure you that the very moment you’ll see it for the first time.

  • Quality assurance

    All our wood prints are made under the surveillance of experts.

  • Competitive prices

    With us, you can have wood prints at the lowest prices.

  • Faster shipping

    As soon as you share your order, we start working on it. We treasure your time

Wood prints make an impeccable photo gift

The wood prints made at CanvasChamp are drenched in the divine essence of bliss
  • Take an eco-friendly approach

    With wood prints made at CanvasChamp, you aren’t just transforming your photos into beautiful artwork but you are also being eco-friendly. Learn more about this through our experts.

  • Understanding wood prints

    Don't just order your wood prints because a million others loved them. You always own the rights to learn more about your wood prints. All you need to do is ping us your query.

  • Best alternative to canvas prints

    We are grateful to you for showing immense love for canvas prints. However, it is our responsibility to give you something new. To do the same, we are here to introduce the mesmerizing wood prints as best alternative to canvas prints.

Cherish your priceless photographs by printing them on wood

Relive your moments with our frames

Few memories can't be left untouched

Who might state no to glad recollections? Demonstrate your friends and family what they intend to you by introducing them every one of the recollections that you have made together. This is the ideal commemoration blessing as you can demonstrate your significant other what a wonderful life both of you have made together.

Are you still considering the best time to gift wood prints? Here are few events you can consider:

  • Birthday Photos
  • Art Print - Vintage Car
  • Favorite Pet Photos
  • Preserve Travel Memories
  • House Warming Gifts
  • Memorial Photos
  • Natural Art Flowers
  • Valentine's Day
  • Wedding Photos


We've made sure the ordering process is a breeze. It's really easy and only takes a few steps!
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    First, you need to send us the artwork which you want printed.

  • Ascertain Size and Layout

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  • Choose Image Style

    If you want a specific style or effect in your image print [+]

  • Place Order

    And last of all, after you have finalized all the finer details, [+]

Some Memories Are Forever

At Canvas Champ We Make Sure That They Last Forever

Wait For It… We Offer bulk Discounts!

Yes, you read that right! We offer discounts on bulk orders! If you have a large order, please email us at or click here to request a custom quote.

Want to learn if we provide discounts on custom wood prints to photographers and artists? Want to learn about the bulk orders and discounts? Get in touch with us right away!