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4 Ways to Create Stunning Bedroom Decor With Canvas Prints

4 Ways to Create Stunning Bedroom Decor With Canvas Prints

By CanvasChamp TeamApril, 15 2020August, 20 2021Comment

Decorating a bedroom has no restrictions whatsoever as it is the most intimate and personal space of the house! Especially with canvas wall displays, you can follow a few simple steps, and you will get to chose the best masterpieces to wake up to every morning! Get to select by colour, theme, sizes...the options are endless!

Add an eye-catching accent colour

Custom Canvas Prints

Observe how your existing lighting and style of the room is like to decide on the colour of canvas prints. You need to find an appropriate photo to print on a canvas print that matches with your bedroom decorations. For example, if you have a dark room with light coloured furniture then choose cold dark colours to go well with the walls. With a light walled room and dark furniture, you can think of getting as colourful as you want with warm tones to make things look eye-catching.

Feature a favourite family photo

When choosing photos on canvas, it is necessary to consider an artwork that supplements the colour of either the walls or the furniture. You can, according to it, decide to showcase photos from vacation or holidays to make it a perfect family photo. For example, if your bedding is usually cold tone coloured, choose a similar feeling photo. Keeping the colour scheme consistent is the main idea while decorating your bedroom.

Showcase a relaxing landscape

Canvas Photo PrintsWouldn’t you want to wake up to a fantastic scenario to look at in your room? Live in a congested apartment? No worries, get you a landscape photo on canvas to get to enjoy your cup of tea. Canvas wall displays with panoramic nature scenes can make a bedroom look bigger than it actually is! You can think of choosing relaxing colours too if you decide to get a nature scened canvas. Colours from blues and greens with a dash of purple can surely calm your nerves even if you look for a minute at such a scenery.

Display a pretty flower print

Many people by now after reading till here must be thinking why not to try bright warm colours in the bedroom? Putting up too bright colours in a bedroom might tire you and strain your eyes if look at often. Since we always have a stressful life living with all kinds of responsibilities, putting up cool colours at the place where we try to find out rest and solace is generally preferred for the same reason. People even try pastel colours with floral prints on canvas wall displays to reflect mental harmony and peace.

In that sense, you can try out floral prints based on warm pastel tones to keep the mood subtle of your room. Or, maybe try out canvas wall displays with dark, cool colours on floral prints to keep things fresh.

Once you decide on the colours, photos and where to put it up in your bedroom, it is time to customise it the way you want! Canvas Champ will help you personalise your photos on canvas to reflect whatever you want to in your bedroom.


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