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Framed Prints That Reflect Perfect Art
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Make Custom Framed Prints for Your Favorite PhotosTurn Your Normal Photo into Beautifully Decorative Picture Framed Prints

Are you thinking of printing out a few saved pictures to frame them and display them in your home? Perhaps, you are planning to get a picture of your wedding day framed to give it to your partner as a gift. Whatever your reason is, we can tell you that you are on the right track!

If you have found your way to Canvas Champ, you are definitely on your way to securing a wonderful and heart-warming gift for your loved one. We are one of the best suppliers of framed prints in New Zealand. With our custom framed prints, available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, you will have a gift given from the heart.

Display Your Beautiful Picture in Our Quality Frames

We receive several types of customers with different tastes and to cater to them all, we provide beautiful frame options. You can select from Warm Walnut, Corporate Satin Black, Rounded Black, Brown Gold Ornate, and Gold Ornate. Our frames have the unique ability to uplift any surface they rest on!


It gives your picture a matte finish, meaning it is not glossy. You can make the final outcome of your framed print bold, bright, dark, and somber.

FramesReady To Make A Statement!

We take the load off of your shoulders by sending you a product that is ready-to-be-installed. Once you un-wrap the artwork, all you need to do is mount it on your wall without having to put in extra efforts. What’s most interesting is that we care for each of your frames like our babies and cover them in the most pamper them with the finest finish depending upon your choice.

  • Brown Golden
  • Black Frame
  • Brown Frame
  • Blonde Mapple
  • Gallery Frame White

We print your digital pictures onto our premium quality paper to make your picture pop out and look more vibrant. Everything from the resolution, hues, to the saturation appears more alive than ever when we print it onto a fiber glass or matte paper. Let’s look at both paper types:

Choose Your Frame Size

You can purchase small framed prints or large framed prints. That is solely up to you to decide. Our smallest frame size is 3.5 X 5 inches with our largest one being 20 X 30 inches. The size of the frame influences the price.

Fiber Glass

The uncompromised beauty and divinity of fiber glass will now be adding stars to every framed print you order with us. Give your lovely custom frame prints more gorgeous appearance and longer life. We add a superior quality fiber glass sheet over your picture.

Your Product Will Be Ready On Time

Once you submit your order for either small framed prints or large framed prints, we start designing it. If you want to get a framed picture for your friend, partner, or family member, you will not have to wait for more than three days to receive your order. We try to get your order to your door within three days.

We remain as one of the top suppliers of framed prints in NZ and we strive to do right by clients by providing them with premium quality products. If you are wondering where to buy framed prints online, we invite you to explore our site and place your order for a framed print of your choice.

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