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Convert Special Photos into Framed Prints

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Make Your Favourite Photos Look One-of-a-KindSurprise and create custom framed pictures to gift!

Want to frame your favourite pictures and hang them in your home but don't know where to start? Well, you have found the right place! If you have found your way to CanvasChamp, you are definitely on your way to securing a beautiful and heart-warming gift for your loved one. We are one of the best suppliers of framed prints in New Zealand. With our custom framed canvas prints, available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, you will have a gift given from the heart.


To cater to several tastes in framing options for all our customers, we provide five exclusive frames. These options are Warm Walnut, Corporate Satin Black, Rounded Black, Brown Gold Ornate and Gold Ornate. Our frames can uplift any living space, room or wall it is placed on to make the place lively!


It gives your picture a colour finish, which is not glossy but makes the photo look surrealistic. You can make the outcome of your framed print bold, bright, dark, and even shady depending on your need of the framing options.

FRAMESReady To Make A Statement!

To give you the best experience of designing your framed prints with us, we provide you options in framing your photos. Here are some of the framing options out of ten frames we offer to beautify your images with:

  • Brown Golden
  • Black Frame
  • Brown Frame
  • Blonde Mapple
  • Gallery Frame White

We print your digital pictures onto our premium quality paper to make your picture pop out and look more vibrant. Everything from the resolution, hues, to the saturation appears more animated than ever when we print it onto a glossy or matte paper.


You can purchase a small framed print or large framed prints, that is solely up to you to decide how you want to beautify your space. Our smallest frame size is 3.5 X 5-inches with our largest one being 20 X 30-inches. The size of the frame influences the price.


We add a superior quality plexiglass sheet over your picture to protect it from any damage. Also, this glass is easy to clean out. Just use a lightly damp cloth to wipe off any dust or moisture off the glass, and it will look brand as new.


If you want to get a framed picture for your friend, partner, or family member, you will not have to wait for more than three days to receive your order. We try to get your order to your door within three days.

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