Personalised Photo Blankets

Personalised Photo Blankets

Enjoy your favourite moments printed on photo blankets

Starts at N$103.99

Photos on Blankets

Photos on Blankets

Treasure all your favourite moments seized in the form of pictures by printing them on personalised blankets! CanvasChamp had made a state of the art online editing tool on the website available for all those kiwis who would love to take their relaxing time to a whole new level.

Choose from three different fabric material and upload your favourite photos to customise on the designing tool and the blanket would be on your way in just a few hours!

With loads of customising options, you can make your pictures look pretty, vibrant and stunning for any occasion to gift to your friends, family or even yourself! Get to curl up with your favourite book better with a photo blanket over you!

Custom Photo Blankets Available in Different Textures

We furnish three sorts of textures of your pictures on blankets

  • Fleece Blankets

    Fleece Blankets

    A texture that is 100% polyester yet the softest material you’ll ever feel! Ideal for snuggles due to lightweight touch on the skin.

  • Fleece Sherpa Blankets

    Fleece Sherpa Blankets

    Made of synthetic woollen material that feels so real and flawless to spoil babies with a good sleep!

  • Woven Blankets

    Woven Blankets

    Blankets made of 100% cotton and weaved to give fringes to your photos from all sides! Make your space decorative!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are photo blankets machine washable?

Yes, CanvasChamp brings you custom photo blankets that are easily washable in the machine. Just put a cold-wash and a gentle dry cycle and you are good to go.

Do photos ever fade from the photo blanket like they do in photo frames?

No, your pictures printed on personalised blankets do not fade with any frequent washing or like photo frames but you need to them the blanket out of direct sunlight.

I want to print three photos on photo blankets. It is possible?

Yes, you can print up to four photos on our custom photo blankets. With various layout option, you can even adjust how the photos should look like on the blanket

Do all your photo blankets come with fringes?

No, only woven blankets come with fringes as they are 100% made of cotton thread that are weaved to show your photo on it