Acrylic Photo Block Prints

Handcrafted acrylic blocks with 7 MM (0.3 Inch) to 18 MM (0.7 Inch) plexiglass that is ideal in adding a personal touch to your living space.
  • Leading quality of acrylic glass photo blocks online
  • Edges refined to make it crystal clear
  • A reflective mirror with a black acrylic base
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Mount a memory in these gorgeous custom acrylic blocks

Mount a memory in these gorgeous custom acrylic blocks

Gorgeous clear acrylic photo blocks with the image mounted onto the back of the block giving a fantastic 3D effect. These diamond polished acrylic blocks can make any living space of yours a timeless place of decor. New Zealand is a beautiful country with many people from around the world spending time here. And it is incredible to be able to share the beautiful picturesque nature photos and NZ art through custom acrylic photo blocks. Acrylic blocks are much different than the acrylic photo prints in detailing a photo’s factors. Therefore, create a unique art-piece in your home with your photo printed onto the back of an acrylic photo block.


Various Size Options in Acrylic Blocks

Fit your perfect pictures into proper sizes available with us. We offer up to 12 custom sizes for acrylic photo blocks.

Supreme Quality Makes Outstanding Acrylic Photo Blocks

Our acrylic photo blocks make a mesmerising showpiece due to these traits:


With thick 7 MM (0.3 Inch) to 18 MM (0.7 Inch) plexiglass, these acrylic photo blocks can make any photo look like a piece of art. The hand-polished surface of the blocks will never get opaque and is long-lasting.



A black backing is given to every photo to prevent light shining through the back. This way, the vibrant colours of a photo will be emphasised really well through the crystal clear front glass.

Features of Our Custom A4 Acrylic Photo Blocks

CanvasChamp is very particular when it comes to making personalised acrylic blocks. We take care of the following things:
  • Premium Paper for photo printing
  • Firmly packed for undamaged delivery
  • Brightness of colours enhanced
  • Feels like a personal gift
  • Lasts for years to come
Photos Stand Out with Acrylic Block Stand

A Special Stand for Acrylic Photo Block

Generally, acrylic blocks don't need a stand but to make the photos look specialised, add an optional black base to the picture. That black base has a reflective mirror that doesn't let the light shine through the image.

All the Info on Acrylic Photo Blocks

Available with more than ten sizes, showcase memories in any dimension you wish:

We have twelve sizes to let you choose and fit your image in it according to your desire. You can even choose to make it rectangular or square.

The edges are lean and thoroughly polished for safety and clear vision:

The edges are polished in such a way that it is safe even if it comes in the hands of children. It has sharp-images but not sharp-edges to get hurt from.

Does not require additional support to stand:

Due to the the thickness of the glass, your special photo will stand out all on its own at a desk, shelf or even a mantle.

The acrylic photo block will give your room a taste of sophistication:

With a 3D effect of your photo, keeping it in a small room will easily make it a focal point of the room.

The editing tool helps you make acrylic photo block in a simple and easy way:

Our state-of-the-art design tool on the website lets you develop personalised acrylic photo blocks the way you want with various options.

Thick glass makes it scratch-resistant and lasts longer:

Custom acrylic photo block prints come with a 7 MM (0.3 Inch) to 18 MM (0.7 Inch) glass that is thick enough to be scratch-proof and doesn’t break easily if fallen from a certain height.