Customised Photo Mugs Will Show How Much You Care

Give out a unique gift in the form of a photo mug or a magic mug to anyone beloved to you. Find new ways to make your concepts creative as we offer lots of customising options to you. Create a beautiful photo coffee mug with the help of photos, quotes, messages or even logos to hand out to your colleagues and acquaintances.

    Make a Photo Mug Yours in a Few Simple Steps!

    In just a few mins, design a photo mug to yourself!

    • Upload


      Upload your photos from any device or location and in any format.

    • Colour


      We offer a variety of eight colours to choose from for your photo mug designing.

    • Layout


      We offer you a layout from one photo to four photos to print on your photo mug.

    • Add Text

      Add Text

      Now, you can also add a custom text or a graphic item on your mug.

    Let the Kitchen Look More Lively With Photo Mugs

    Make your home a better place with magic mugs!

    Magic Mugs

    Magic Mugs

    Find a way to make the conversations longer with a customised black magic mug in your hand! The main feature of a magic mug is that a photo appears suddenly when a hot liquid is poured inside to reveal a printed picture on the outside. This single feature can make anyone delightful when a beloved memory is shown to surprise them!

    Best-quality Customised Photo Mug

    Designed and crafted by experts to last for years!

    High-Quality Photo Mugs

    Mug: Ceramic material.

    Size: 11-ounce capacity with 3.75" tall and 4.5" diameter with a handle.

    Care: Use a mild detergent and water to clean the photo mugs to keep them new.

    Beauty and Durability at One Place

    You determine how your custom mug looks like

    • Double-sided Prints

      Double-sided Prints

      Give a view to yourself and someone sitting in front of you!

    • Collage Prints

      Collage Prints

      Merge the best moments into one!

    • Wrap-around Prints

      Wrap-around Prints

      That one particular photo that has captured your heart

    Beautiful Colors and Great Choices

    Make a colourful choice

    Select a colour that matches your pictures perfectly:

    • White
    • Black
    • Red
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Brown
    • Pink

    A Customised Photo Mug Layout for Every Expression

    You can adorn your photo mugs with up to four photos

    • One Photo

      One Photo

      Looks flawless when you want a wraparound photo.

    • Two Photo

      Two Photo

      Divide attention between two images.

    • Three Photo

      Three Photo

      Get to mix a portrait with two close-up shots.

    • Four Photo

      Four Photo

      Works best with quotes or messages than photos.

    Customized Ceramic Coffee Mugs

    Personalise your ceramic photo mugs

    With CanvasChamp, you can customise your photo mugs with your loved photographs, texts, and quotes. They also serve as an excellent gift for your loved ones and colleagues.

    Try Out Some of These Photo Mug Ideas

    Custom photo mugs make a flawless match for all your loved ones

    • Happy Anniversary

      Happy Anniversary

    • Wedding Date

      Wedding Date

    • World's Greatest Mom

      World's Greatest Mom

    • You Did It!

      You Did It!

    • Congratulations!


    • With Love from Fido

      With Love from Fido

    • School Days are here!

      School Days are here!

    • Be My Valentine

      Be My Valentine

    • Thanks, Mom!

      Thanks, Mom!

    • From All of Us

      From All of Us

    • Merry Christmas

      Merry Christmas

    • Best Dad Ever

      Best Dad Ever

    Custom Photo Mugs


    Now start your day with these gorgeous ceramic photo mugs, which are customised to meet your personal needs. You can personalise them the way you want using your photos, message, or a quote that inspires you.


    With CanvasChamp, you can have best-customised photo mugs for your loved ones. We are offering a wide range of personalised options for photo mugs.


    Well, not just your loved ones, but custom photo mugs can also serve as an excellent gift for your colleagues. You can customise the ceramic mugs with your personal message, inspiring quotes, etc. to make them further intriguing.


    Our personalised ceramic photo mugs are crafted using innovative technology. Having said this, you can stay assured to have them in their original appearance for years ahead.


    With so much for you on the plate, you get a vast arena to explore and flaunt your creativity.


    At CanvasChamp, we have a specialised design tool for customising and ordering your personalised photo mugs. The device is designed to serve you with utmost ease in the process and allow you to scroll through a range of customising options effortlessly.

    CanvasChamp and Its Services

    We use only premium materials, and our talented crew always exceeds our customers' expectations



      Get options while personalising mugs


      Easy Design

      User-friendly editing tool


      Economical Price

      Lowest Prices in New Zealand


      Quality Assurance

      Timely delivery of best-quality

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