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Acrylic Prints

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Adorn Your Abode with Acrylic Photo Prints

Photos on acrylic are the new contemporary alternatives to all the traditional photo displays. Acrylic art prints can instantly bring any space of a room to the centre of attention, making it an excellent way to highlight a photo in a room. They are modern, minimalistic and can make any of your favourite memory stand out.

  • EPSON inks used to give a superb image clarity
  • Showcases tones in a photo with an illusion of depth
  • Displays vibrant and specific detailing of the photo

Pair up your favourite photos with vibrantly polished acrylic for a high-impact visual display. Artists, decorators and even interior designers choose this medium when it comes to displaying their notable works as they showcase images on acrylic very vividly. So, if you have decided to come to this page, I think it's time you had your own acrylic photo print with us today.

Split Acrylic Prints

Split Acrylic Prints

Splitting an image gives an aesthetic and contemporary look to the overall room. You can pick out one of your stunning pictures and get it split on acrylic prints to accentuate the walls of your home. By cutting an image, you are creating a stunning mosaic effect of your photo to display!

Acrylic Wall Displays

Wall displays can really help you tell a story which is why to give a dramatic effect to your photos, pick out the images you wish to display and print them on acrylic wall displays. The sleek and modernness of acrylic prints will spotlight your pictures on the wall subtly but yet notably.

Acrylic Wall Displays

Acrylic Photo Collage

Acrylic Photo Collage

Photo collage apps only help you create collage but do not have any right suggestions on what mediums to print on. Well, we suggest acrylic photo collage as the best way to illuminate all your pleasant memories with your loved ones with us! Get the best clarity on any customisable size and shape to make your collage look perfect the way you want!

Acrylic Can Be Gifted as Photo Gifts

Miniature acrylic gifts to beautify your tables

  • Acrylic Block

    Acrylic Block

    • An inch thick plexiglass to highlight your photo
    • Stand your photo with the help of acrylic glass
    • Luminosity on your photo with brilliant depth
  • Acrylic Table Stand

    Acrylic Table Stand

    • Put your photo at an eye-level on a table
    • Custom sizes available on table stand
    • Showcase colours brilliantly on acrylic stand

Check Out the Features of Our Acrylic Prints

  • Eye-catching Art

  • Lasts Forever

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Hardware Pre-installed

frequently asked questions
  • Do acrylic prints last more than 100 years?

    It depends on how to maintain them over the years. It is although durable enough to last for a very long time but no one has yet claimed to have any acrylic print for that long.

  • What media formats can you reproduce from?

    You can upload JPG, PNG and BMP format images to us to produce your acrylic prints. Also, we can print from negatives, photographs or even slides.

  • Do you use an industry-standard allowance for your frames?

    To help your acrylic art fit securely inside the frame without being too cutting with the packing, we typically allow for an extra 1/8th of an inch adjustment. So, your frame might be just slightly larger than the image size you see to hold everything properly.

  • Are acrylic prints waterproof?

    Not exactly like you can let it be out in rain or exposed to water for a long time. However, it is a little bit water-resistant in a way that it can withstand in a room of moisture like bathrooms and indoor pools. But water shouldn’t touch it directly.

  • What is the depth of an acrylic print with the front mounts?

    The acrylic print with the front mounts is made up of 3 parts, the front metal chrome finish caps (1/4" depth), laminated acrylic print (1/4" depth) and the back metal chrome finish barrel (3/4" depth). All of these connections are a total off-wall depth of approximately 1" and a total depth of approximately 1 1/4".

  • How do I clean my acrylic prints?

    You can clean them with a soft cloth dabbed in an all-purpose cleaner. That way you can remove any fingerprints or just plain old dust. A simple wipe down and your acrylic photo print will look brand new and ready for its next touch attack.