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Create art through your photos on canvas collage

Compile Your Unique Story in a Canvas Collage

Compile Your Unique Story in a Canvas Collage

We gather thousands of photos of our lifetime. We have decades of memories collected, but we only use a few to display in our home. Why choose a few from so many photos to showcase? Why not most of it?

Creating a collage on canvas is one of the most stunning ways to print a large-format picture. Knowing this, most of our customers (almost two-thirds) choose to have their photos printed as a photo collage on canvas. Since the collage will be stretched on a frame, your pictures on collage will look like a masterpiece of your home.

Our collage canvas prints make it possible to give justice to all your photos that otherwise stay dormant in your PC or hard drive storage almost all your life. We have a collection of collage templates for you to suit your needs. We have various shapes, sizes, and photo capacity for the collages.

Make Canvas Collage Prints in 5 Mins With Us!

Make Canvas Collage Prints in 5 Mins With Us!

We produce only the best canvas prints from premium-quality materials in New Zealand. From the whole process of creating photo collage canvas, the techniques, printing, framing, compilation applied will always meet your expectations. We use a pine-wood frame, cotton-polyester blend canvas to make a high-quality product.

Canvas collage from us will reach you on time always and in a condition that lets you hang it right out-of-the-box. You can even request for a gift wrap from us and gift it as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. For all the memories to accumulate at one place, order a canvas photo collage for your home decor or as a gift.

Best Qualities That Come With Canvas Photo Collage

CanvasChamp is known to deliver canvas prints with best features

  • Framing Options

    Framing Options

    Find wrap options with 0.5-inch, 0.75-inch and 1.5-inch thickness along with various borders to choose for your personalised canvas collage.

  • Design Control

    Design Control

    We give you the ultimate authority to design your photos in any way you want from our customising options for your collage prints.

  • Safe Packaging

    Safe Packaging

    Packing is done with utmost care so that you receive it in a ready-to-hang condition to directly hang on the wall with pre-installed hardware.

  • Caring Tips

    Caring Tips

    You can regularly clean the canvas collage with a soft damp cloth or a dry cloth. Make sure it never exposes to direct sunlight.

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