Personalized Puzzles

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles

Make your weekends more fun with friends and family by creating puzzles with your favourite photos. It's time you give up doing boring typical scenery printed puzzles and solve your own photo filled with similar faces!

Photo Puzzles to Rescue You from Boredom

Best-promised Features

Being a proud owner of a set of personalised photo puzzle means you will need to present the puzzle of the best quality to your friends, family and guests. Keeping this in mind, we assure that puzzle making with us will have the following features:

  • High-quality acrylic used to print your photos
  • Includes a storage box
  • Add multiple images to the design with custom text
  • Fall in love, at first sight, is guaranteed
Make a Collage on the Photo Puzzle

Collage Now Available in Photo Puzzle, New Zealand

The more photos on a puzzle, more the fun!

Our puzzle maker has an option where you can make a photo collage which is easy enough even for kids to design on our website. With custom photo puzzles as collage you can:

  • Have more memories on a single puzzle
  • Have photo arrangement options and text
  • Make it easy to solve even a 1000-piece puzzle
  • No extra cost for adding more than one photo

Custom Photo Puzzles in 3 Steps

Get the desired photo on your puzzle by following these steps:

  • Choose Size

    Choose Size

    Select a custom size (from 10x15 CM to 50x50 CM) and the number of pieces you want in a puzzle (from 6 to 1056).

  • Upload Photo

    Upload Photo

    Import the photos you want on the photo puzzle from any device and adjust the photos to fit the puzzle.

  • Preview Design

    Preview Design

    Before finishing up, check out one last time if everything is in the place before you hit ‘add to cart’.

Personalized Photo Puzzles for Kids

Customise Jigsaws for the Kids too!

Unleash their creativity during the designing process

Take a picture of your kids or their passions like drawing, painting, dancing and turn those photos into picture puzzles for them! You can let the kids participate in decorating their very own pictures on our design tool to help them do puzzles for every game time!

Make an occasion active

A Puzzle as a Gift for any Occasion

Create puzzles to match any special event

Customise photo puzzles with a special message and a photo on it for a birthday! Not only for birthdays, but you can also even create a personalised puzzle for anyone having wedding celebrations, anniversaries, enjoying holiday seasons or even having a graduation day! Let them have some personal fun time solving the best picture with you on a puzzle.

Can’t Resonate with Photo Puzzles?

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