Create a Unique Personalised Gift Option - Personalised Photo Blankets

Create a Unique Personalised Gift Option - Personalised Photo Blankets

By CanvasChamp TeamJuly, 20 2020April, 28 2022Comment

Different sizes and material options in personalised photo blankets make it a fantastic item for gifting or keeping it as a souvenir for yourself.

Depending upon your needs and preferences, you can choose a sherpa fleece, woven or standard fleece blanket. 

Woven blankets are amazing for wall display as they are high-quality made of 100% cotton with a fantastic thickness.

Before deciding which style of photo blanket is right, the purpose of your gift and the ideal photo/s needs to be determined. Perhaps you can choose a wedding photo for an upcoming anniversary gift for your spouse, a favourite family photo for grandma, or even a collection of photos for the perfect holiday gift in a collage blanket.

The great news is that virtually every type of photo blanket will preserve the image printed on it for the life of the blanket. 

You may further personalise your blanket by choosing the kind of edge, the thickness of fabric as well.

Fleece Photo Blanket

Custom Photo BlanketsA fleece photo blanket is the right quality choice if you are searching for a soft and thick option with a simple edge. However, the image quality of this type of blanket is slightly less than that of a woven photo blanket or a sherpa fleece photo blanket.

Woven Photo Blanket

You may consider a woven photo blanket for a higher level of satisfaction because your photos are directly woven into the fabric, which brings out detailed clarity of the pictures. The edges of this blanket will come with a stylish fringe matching with the colour of your blanket to make it attractive and straightforward.

Since woven photo blankets are thick, they are suitable for mild or windy outdoor weather because they do tend to breathe reasonably well. 

Your loved ones can use a custom woven blanket while watching the baseball game or even when snuggling by the fire.

Sherpa Fleece Photo Blanket

If you'd like to find something with a softer side, you may want to consider a sherpa fleece photo blanket. This type of photo blanket is made of the softest sherpa, and your chosen image is printed on the other side, which is fleece fabric using a unique dye process.

Typically, the edges of a sherpa fleece photo blanket may be whip-stitched or have cover stitch seams to accomplish a clean and finished look. 

One of the greatest things about the introduction of personalised photo blankets into the world of custom gifting is the stunning clarity with which the images are portrayed. 

You and the recipient of this thoughtful gift will both be pleasantly surprised at how detailed and precise the picture will appear! CanvasChamp will help you print some fantastic photos on the blanket to let you and your loved ones snuggle with the best memories shared.

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