Don’t Let Photo Prints Fade Away

Don’t Let Photo Prints Fade Away

By CanvasChamp TeamMay, 18 2020August, 20 2021Comment

Can you recall the days before digital cameras and smartphones, when the only way to see the special moments you’d take with your camera was to have them photo printed? Those were some days. Digital cameras and smartphones may have become everything, but printing photos have never been more essential than before.

Printing photos is our main thing, so of course, we’d tell you that printing photos have never been more important, right?

OK, maybe. But, some genuine reasons make us genuinely believe that printing photos are still so important. Here are just a few for you to consider:

We Click So Many Photos

Photo Prints

Smartphones everywhere have made it so easy for us to be happier than ever before. We don't need to carry a clunky camera around since we’ve got a powerful, portable camera that we can keep in our pocket. An estimated 1.2 TRILLION photos are taken every year, with almost 85% of them being taken on a smartphone.

That’s a lot of photos. We’ve all got so many stored on our smartphones that, if we don’t print them off, they risk being completely forgotten about or deleted forever.

All of them – even the blurred or ‘imperfect’ ones – deserve to be printed, rather than living as nothing more than a piece of digital data on your mobile device.

Make Memories More Tangible

Make Your Photo Memories

Swiping through a phone's image gallery to look at your snaps is still fun. But, it’s still no comparison to actually holding real, photos prints in your hands. It really does make the memories more solid.

You recollect the smells, sounds and sights of that particular moment in time. It takes you back in the past, however long ago it was. Those printed photo prints are your return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

THAT Feeling When Prints are Delivered

Photo Prints Delivery

Do you remember, years ago, when you’d send off your film to a photo lab and have to wait a couple of days to get them back? When the package was posted to your letterbox, the anticipation to see your snaps was almost unbearable?

You can still have that feeling by getting your photos printed! Unlike decades ago, you’ll only be waiting for a maximum of 3-5 working days to receive your photo prints right at your doorstep.

And then, even after the joy of waiting for your photos to arrive, that feeling you get when you flick through your prints is second to none.

Photo Prints Make Great Gifts

Photo Prints As A Gifts

Whether you get them printed on a Canvas, Photo Mug, and Calendar or collate them all in a Photo Book does not matter. What really matters is that the photos and the memories with it make perfect gifts. They’re gifts that keep on giving forever.

You can’t really put a price on that. The value of the personalised photo prints or Photo Book may be relatively simple, but giving someone that memory is invaluable.

Life in Pictures

Life in A Picture

Without getting photos prints and putting them in an album, or adding them to a Photo Book, how are you going to find ways to embarrass your kids on their 18th Birthday? Or when they bring home their first cute date to meet you?

On a more serious note, printing photos give you the ability to document your life – family, friends, the good times and the bad – in pictures.

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