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How Split Canvas Prints Can Look Amazing Anywhere

How Split Canvas Prints Can Look Amazing Anywhere

By CanvasChamp TeamJuly, 30 2020August, 20 2021Comment

Thinking in terms of modernizing your space? If yes, then the best way to renovate is by starting from empty walls. Designing an art gallery or showcasing your photos in the form of canvas prints can add an enticing interest to your place.

Create your own split canvas photo printsSo, it is time to transform the appearance of your wall with a unique and bold look by opting on trending multi-panel canvas photo prints. These prints have become a powerful designing approach to decorate walls of any room.

If you ever want to have something that is attention-grabbing and add a touch of personality to your place then split photos on canvas are the right thing for you. You can get a chance to reveal your artistic talents and creativity to your guests, family members and other visitors through them. You can play around and mix-match different shapes and sides to make a flaunting design for your project wall.

We have created a few tips for you to let you know that multi-panel canvas photo prints can make a bold statement and enhance your ambience overall:

1. Keep a Consistent Flow: Just to be unique, you cannot deviate the single theme that your room has by putting an out-of-context art photo in the middle of a wall. Use split canvas prints in a way that goes with the aura of your place. 

Custom Split Canvas prints2. Group the Canvases Together: Once you are done deciding the place and size of the canvas panels, pick your favourite photos to be printed on them. Make sure you get to see how your photo looks like when split through many online canvas printing stores. That way, you can get to choose another photo if the first one doesn’t go well after splitting it.

3. Try out Different Illustrations: Choosing the right photo for a classic canvas is easier than choosing the right photo for multi-panel canvas prints. So keep as many photos ready to check out a 3D view of it while designing it on any online tool. CanvasChamp has an online tool that allows seeing how your photo will look when split. 

4. Art-up Your Room: Once you finalise the print and have decided which photos to upload on the website, you can kill two birds with one stone with us. You can get something artistic printed on the canvas of your choice and also get to adorn your space with them too. Try to choose colours for the split canvas prints in a way that they match or contrast the wall of your place.

Decorate Your Wall With Multi-Panel Canvas Prints

You must have understood by now that how easy it is to decorate the rooms of your home, office or even a commercial space with the help of multiple canvas prints. A high definition photo of yourself with your family always turns out to be an amazing choice on split canvas photo prints. It will surely add the right dramatic effect to your image and the room. To make it look more creative, you can even add some modern art prints that match the main split prints with the present theme.

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