2021 Wall Decor Trends For a Beautiful Home

2021 Wall Decor Trends For a Beautiful Home

By CanvasChamp TeamFebruary, 15 2021January, 06 2022Comment

Well, the new year is finally here, 2021! Yay! And with that comes the spirit of starting afresh. While most of us are trying to put the ghosts of 2020 behind us (like it never happened), some of us explored ways to spruce up ourselves and our houses. 

Now, as the new year mantra is “new year, new me”, we think that it shouldn’t just be limited to yourself and should be extended to your walls as well. If you want to leave the previous year’s blues behind, some wall decor can go a long way.

Whether you want a minor makeover or a full-fledged remodel, walls make up the central part of the mix. And, believe it or not, wall decor is an $8.2 billion industry. Safe to say that it’s a pretty big deal to redo your walls, or just decorating them as well.

Instead of just randomly Googling about what could work, we have narrowed down the best wall decor trends for 2021 that can help you spice up that wall without breaking the bank:

Metal Photo Prints

  • Metal Prints- If you want something timeless, classic, and yet trendy and modern, a metal print is something that will appeal to you. A memory, quote, or just about anything printed on metal is an excellent way of memorialising a life motivating memory and adding zest to an old boring wall.
    Acrylic Photo Prints
    Acrylic Prints- Going after luscious prints in a majestic pattern might not be an excellent idea for the money or style as it can turn out as a dud in the long run. Instead, you can get an acrylic print in an A0 size for almost a tenth of the price of a luscious print, and yet enjoy the same kind of character on the walls.

    Canvas Wall Displays
  • Canvas Wall Displays- All of us yearn for a bold painting, but not all of us have the money to splurge to buy an original artist canvas from the golden age of art. However, canvas wall displays are the closest thing to them. Whether it’s an abstract design or a replica, without breaking the bank, you can pick up an excellent canvas wall display and get that millionaire magic on your wall.

    Split Canvas Prints
  • Split Canvas Prints- Trends are what drive us majorly. Some of us love the current ones while some of us stick with the classics. In the current trends, split canvas prints will strike a chord with you. Pick a picture, and then get it printed into parts. Whether it is 2 or 3 or 9, you decide. And then decorate it as an art-piece on your most noticeable wall to let the compliments pour in.

    Panoramic Canvas Prints
  • Panoramic Canvas Print- Panoramic photos. Yes, the same one that we see on our phones. You can very well print it out on a long horizontal canvas and adorn it on your favourite wall. Panoramic canvas print wall decor will always stay timeless because it can transport you to that moment or that place. And getting that kind of magic on your wall is one of the best ways to ring in the new year.

    Hexagon Canvas Prints
  • Hexagon Canvas- This one is for the quirky ones among us. While the usual squares and rectangles are always going to work, a hexagon canvas is a very different wall decor trend. If played right, it can light up a room with a kind of charm that no other shape can. Whether it’s a memory, a photo, your favourite rock band, or anything else really, a hexagon canvas might just be the very thing that you have been looking for.

With so many cost-effective wall decor options to choose from, you are pretty much set to ring in the new year in your unique way with a full pocket. Happy New Year!

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