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Panel Canvas Displays

Present your favourite storyline through images

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Customised Canvas Wall Panels

Customised Canvas Wall Panels

One canvas is fine but multiple can make your place shine

Use multiple canvas wall displays to transform your walls into galleries of the art of your fondest memories. We have specially designed a few most popular multi-panel displays that you can try checking out for your living space. Walls can be made interesting even by splitting one image into multiple panels of the canvas.

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Canvas Wall Displays

Customised canvas displays can let you bring your memories and lovely decorating ideas to life. Multi-panels give you a fantastic way to split your favourite photo in the form of a story to showcase in your hallways. Whether it is a picture of your kid graduating or a view of a beautiful landscape you visited in your vacation, print them right away to represent you.

Multi Panel Canvas Wall Display

Being a perfect alternative to single canvas prints, multi-panel canvases can let you give a dramatic effect to your space. You can even split one image on multiple canvases to give a stunning effect to your decor. It will create a unique grouping effect which is ideal for large empty walls anywhere.

Canvas Wall Art

Wall displays help you to beautify your living space in the best way possible. You can come up with creative concepts or go with simple canvas displays like the templates we have to decorate your place and give a meaning to it. We have fulfilled a lot of creative concepts and wishes for our New Zealand customers, and we assure you the best quality of the canvas prints! So get started with your canvas prints NZ today!