6 Personalised Gifts to Dedicate on Women’s Day

6 Personalised Gifts to Dedicate on Women’s Day

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 07 2020July, 05 2022Comment

International Women’s Day is this weekend and have you thought about picking on gifts for your wife, mom, daughter or any women who have been influential to you yet? Rather than gifting something shop-bought despite being a useful item, this time try going a little bit of your comfort zone and get them personalised gifts this Women’s Day. Because no matter, however, a fancy gift you get for women, they don’t enjoy the present as intimately as they would love to receive a personalised gift.

Personalised Canvas Prints

Luckily, with CanvasChamp, you will find the best recommendations in custom photo gifts that are not only stylish and beautiful but also practical with high quality! And since women love decor, art and fashion, we bring you six unique personalised photo gifts that they can kill all these three categories at one shot! So go ahead and scroll through this blog to get any of these gifts to honour all the women in your life!

Canvas Prints for Spouse/Girlfriend

Your life partner has been there for you ever since you started a relationship together. This International Women’s Day, let her know how much you adore and worship her by getting one of her most beautiful photos printed on canvas prints.

Framed Prints for Mom

The one person who can and is always a pillar of your strength is your mom! Let her know that her long hours of dedication towards you all her life has not gone unnoticed. Mothers are always hungry for love and affection from their children. Hence, this women’s day, gift her photos of how beautiful a journey she has had with her life on framed prints.

Custom Photo Books for Sister

Personalised Photo Books

That one annoying person you can’t imagine to exist without - your sister. Sisters have solely been put on earth to get and receive different things that you faced while growing up under the same parents. But somewhere deep inside, you feel proud of how she has turned out, don’t you? For the same reason, design a custom photo book for her dedicating her milestones and achievements this Women’s Day.

Metal Prints for Grandma

Despite maybe having lost her eyesight or hearing, greyed out all her hair, she is the most fantastic person of all, isn’t she! Grandmothers are the sassiest people on this planet, and even though there’s no specific granny day in the calendar, she should be honoured enough this Women’s Day. Gift your grandma a photo portrait on metal prints to showcase her bright personality shining on it.

Photo Prints for Female Friends

Photo Prints

Having a gang of bros to hang out with is all cool and fun, but you do know deep inside a female friend will always help you decode your dates better. Cherish your female friend’s ability to advise you literally in everything by printing the pictures of all hangouts on photo prints this Women’s Day.

Magic Mugs for Female Colleagues

Custom Magic Photo Mugs

Office hours would be tedious if you didn’t have your female colleagues to gossip with and hangout to manage work stress. Even if you don’t know your female colleagues that much personally, you now have a way to initiate to be better friends even outside work hours this Women’s Day. Gift your colleagues a photo magic mug showcasing women empowerment and gender equality to strengthen your bond with them.

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