Magic Mugs with Us Come with Amazing Features

Now make mornings surprising for family and friends!

Give These Magic Mugs as Gifts

Give These Magic Mugs as Gifts

Magic coffee mugs are excellent gifts especially people who like to see their coffee first thing in the morning. A cool gift for kids to make them excited to start a new day with a surprise. Just like personalised photo mugs, making a magic mug is as easy as making a few clicks on our website. No, literally you just have to make a few clicks and we will make it for you!

Product Details:

  • Mug capacity- 325ml
  • Heat-activating technology coated on the mug
  • Add one or four photos on the mug
  • Can also customise with text
  • Excellent printing quality of your photo
  • All our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, except for those that are magic mugs.

Our Design Tool Has the Following Elements

Our Design Tool Has the Following Elements

Magic mugs basically work its magic when a hot beverage is poured into the cup. A coating of a certain colour is applied (mostly black) to hide the inner image. This coating is made of thermochromatic ink. Hence, it gets transparent when it comes in contact with hot liquid. Our magic mugs not only come with this basic technology but also we have more options for you to customise your mug with. Have a look:

  • Get to decide one wraparound image that you like to make it a panoramic view on the mug
  • We have layout options where you can select up to four images to put on one magic mug
  • Put text or clip art if you are confused with choosing a personal photo
  • Basically, white ceramic is used to make the magic mugs
  • Protective coating to make your photos last longer
  • Online payment options available
  • Varying delivery options available

Why to Buy Magic Photo Mugs Online?

Magic coffee mugs from us come with the utmost care and convenience to you

  • Hot-n-Show


    These mugs uncover a special photo of yours whenever you pour hot liquid in it

  • Durable structure for frequent use

    Durable structure for frequent use

    Even if these magic cups are used more than once a day, their photo colour will never fade

  • Packaged and parcelled with care

    Packaged and parcelled with care

    Since ceramic items are prone to breaking while transportation, bubble wraps ensure they stay safe even from a tiny little tremor it faces.

Custom Magic Mug FAQs

We have answered a few common questions for you

  • Q: Do the photos fade away on the mug?
    A: No, the printed photo doesn’t fade away even with frequent washing. BUT the photo can chip off if scratched with pointed objects so keep those away.
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  • Q: Can print any kind of photo on the magic mug?
    A: Yes, you can print any photo that you like on the magic mug, may it be a family photo or a design or an artwork.
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  • Q: How hot should the liquid be for the image to develop on the mug?
    A: We usually boil liquids to 100°C may it be water, tea or coffee. But the minimum temperature needed for the photo to appear is 75°C.
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  • Q: Do you offer colours besides black for magic mugs?
    A: No, we do not offer colours other than black for magic mugs because other colours give away a photo beneath it and the thermal coating doesn’t work properly with different colours other than black.
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  • Q: How does the colour exactly change in the mug from black to the photo?
    A: The colour change effect happens due to the black colour made by photochromatic inks. The photo printed inside is made from normal printing inks but with a sublimation process. Hence, the photo doesn’t fade with temperature. But when the black colour comes in contact with heat, it becomes transparent to show the printed photo inside.
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