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7 St. Patrick's Day Gifts for a Memorable Occasion

7 St. Patrick's Day Gifts for a Memorable Occasion

By CanvasChamp TeamMarch, 12 2021August, 20 2021Comment

Saint Patrick Day is one of the most famous religious feasts celebrated in different parts of the world for remembering the good deeds of Saint Patrick. Ireland started celebrating this festival officially in 1903. A vast population used to watch or participate in a parade called the largest St. Paddy Day.

With each passing decade, this festival has grown into an international festival that comprises all Irish things. On St. Patrick day, people wear shamrocks and dress up as Irish leprechauns that are all green and bearded.

People enjoy different types of Irish foods, fireworks, and several dance forms and parades during this day. People even give beautiful personalised gifts to their family members, friends, and loved ones on this auspicious day.

Customised gifts like custom moon lamp, acrylic photo blocks, 3D photo lamp etc., can be given to make this day more memorable.

Significance of St. Patrick Day

St Patrick was a patron saint who lived in Ireland, and to this day, he is celebrated as to have brought Christianity to the country. However, Saint Patrick had grown up in Britain as his hometown was Britain. But during Roman times, Saint Patrick’s life changed. He got kidnapped at the age of 16 and was brought to Ireland, where he was treated like a slave. During his prison days, he came across Christianity and devoted himself to it.

Patrick, one day successfully escaped and then chose to introduce Christianity to the Irish community. By the time he died on 17th March 461, he had established several churches, schools, and monasteries. Ever since then, his death day is celebrated to remember the good deeds in his lifetime.

Best Personalized Photo Gifts for St. Patrick Day

Get to give the best-customised photo gifts to your loved ones on this special day. We bring you seven personalised photo gifts, which you can use for St. Patrick’s Day to make it a gift-giving occasion.

  • Custom Mousepads

Custom Mouse Pads

These custom mousepads are great gifts as they allow personalising your desk and get rid of business’ dull decorations. The material which is used for designing these pads is rubber base material. It is available in two shapes which are circle and rectangle.

The custom mouse pads are designed for students and business owners. It makes the business or study place well decorated. For business persons, it creates a professional impression on your clients and customers that support your business.

  • Photo Bookmarks

Personalised Photo Bookmark

Photo bookmarks are the bookmarks on which you can get your images or the fictional character of your choice or any business logo printed. These photo bookmarks are designed on cardstock paper of 310 GSM quality. It can be printed on both sides: front and back. The glossy finishing on both sides of custom bookmarks makes it more attractive.

If you know someone who is an avid reader or is a book lover, photo bookmarks can be the best gift. Design cute shamrocks for St Patrick's Day!

  • 3D Photo Lamps

Custom 3D Photo Lamp

3D photo lamps can bring your favourite photos of life. Your image is engraved on an acrylic frame and cut-printed to make it look life-size! A light stand will illuminate your image, making it a 3D photo lamp!

It is used for creating the beautiful effect of your photos as soon as you switch on the light in a dark room.

  • Custom Moon Lamp

Custom Moon Lamp

The custom moon lamp is a perfect customised gift that can be used for home decorations, and if it is gifted to your loved ones, it can surely put a smile on their face.

It is used for displaying your favourite pictures in a unique way that you and your family, friends would never get tired of looking at.

  • Photo Books

Custom Photo Books

Photo books are available in different formats for your readers, such as landscape, square, and portrait format. The sizes of these photo books range from 4"X4" up to 12"X8".

Photo books are considered to be a great way of keeping all your memories of any occasion such as marriage, vacations, birthdays, and moments with your loved ones at your fingertips. 

  • Acrylic Photo Blocks

Acrylic Photo Blocks

Acrylic photo blocks are used for creating a contemporary and vibrant look for your favourite photographs. We can choose acrylic photo blocks of different sizes and layouts, add text, or collage several multiple images.

Your memories can be made last lifetime by transforming your favourite family photos into a unique home decoration way known as acrylic photo blocks.

  • Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

For designing canvas prints, such photos should be selected with high resolutions and a transparent background. 

The museum-quality canvas prints help in transforming the wall of your home and office space into personalised wall decor.

So this was all about Saint Patrick day. It is of extraordinary significance in Christian culture. The above-mentioned personalised photo gifts will prove to be the best gifts you can give to your loved ones and make them feel special on Saint Patrick's day.

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