Few Tips to Frame Your Canvas Prints Wisely

Few Tips to Frame Your Canvas Prints Wisely

By CanvasChamp TeamJuly, 20 2020August, 20 2021Comment

Custom framing your artwork might become overwhelming with so many choices available now in the market at all kinds of the price range. Apart from deciding on various colours of the frame and its finishing, you also need to keep in mind the scale of the frame, what kind of mat to use, etc. How to conserve it, at how much acidity or UV will also need to be taken care of while settling for the best quality canvas frames. Here is what you can keep in mind while getting framed canvas prints:


A hairstyle helps you to define your facial features and make them stand out, right? Similarly, an option of the mat will help you highlight the elements of an image from its frame. It helps you to draw attention to the subject and background of the photo on canvas.

Although a mat isn't a necessary accessory but most artworks printed on paper, look best with a border between the frame and the artwork.

After all, it's all about making your photo stand out in the first place.

Custom Framed Canvas PrintsFrames

Framing choices are plenty as well in the market and choosing the right frame not only depends on your personal decision but also on what image you want to display it and of what material.

Frames are made of many materials like wood, resin, gold, silver leaf, metal and gesso. And they all cost different depending on their thickness. But an average range of such frames is between N$15-N$25. The prices also vary from the custom size you have of your framed canvas prints.

Choosing the best quality of canvas frames can be baffling for some people, which is why it is recommended to get hold of a few photos of the room first in which the pieces will be hung. Measure the room dimensions and try to observe even the littlest elements that your surroundings convey to you.

Frame Guidelines

Once your framing selection is decided, the professionals that will do the framing job should agree on three thumb rules with you:

The thickness of the frame should be less than the mat. A one-inch full frame would look weird on a one-inch mat. Hence, it is best to arrange a mat with more thickness than the width of the frame to create some variance.

Select the frame for the canvas to match the photo instead of trying to match its neighbouring frame. This is especially true if you are displaying diverse artworks on the wall. For instance, if you have family photos, drawings or even paintings all on one wall, don't display them with the same frame because the collection is not of similar works.

Always try to find frames that are complementary to the finishing of the room and also look good on the canvas prints. A frame shouldn't fall short in displaying the artwork nor blending with the surrounding of the place.

Whatever options you decide on, make sure the framing professionals are certified. If all this seems too much of a hassle, then you can design your artwork on framed canvas prints with CanvasChamp wherein you can decide everything beforehand - from frame to how the photo should look in your room. Hit the add to cart button and receive the best quality canvas frames on your pictures within a few days at your doorstep in a ready-to-hang condition.

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