New Zealand Get Ready for Mega Sale

New Zealand Get Ready for Mega Sale

By CanvasChamp TeamNovember, 22 2019August, 20 2021Comment

The celebrations and feasts have finally begun which children and adults both alike, love to enjoy during Christmas! Soon, everyone will start decorating their trees, having summer barbecues, go off to see Santa parades and open presents! The Holiday season is just so exciting!

Since there’s only about a month left, we figured you wouldn’t have started shopping yet. Maybe intentionally or non-intentionally, you just made a wise decision not even to begin your shopping, however. Because what’s the point of buying things without any discounts or deals on it? Sure, you may have already bought exclusive requested items for your children, spouse or even parents but for others in general, it is best to shop if massive discounts are going on. And these huge markdowns on prices of gifts usually come down during the Black Friday worldwide, which is the perfect way to get all the presents bought from the people’s list of gifting. Not only can you save a lot of kiwis and also quench the thirst for shopping.

We have some popular products that you might want to consider buying as customised gifts for your friends and family upon this Black Friday sale:

Black Friday Sale

  1. Canvas Wall Displays: Wall displays come in a set of different shapes and sizes of canvases. These displays happen to be costly if bought under its actual price, which is why we always keep a 10% discount on it throughout the year that you can use it on whenever you want to personalise your massive walls of the house. On this Black Friday, you can splurge on canvas wall displays to either gift yourself or someone very close to you to make the best impression possible for the Christmas. You can choose to customise gifts from 4-panel to a 7-panel set of canvas wall art displays and even get it delivered by the time Christmas comes by - and that too gift wrapped!

  2. Wood Prints: New Zealanders face summers during the Christmas, unlike other countries which means a tropical environment makes wooden displays as a perfect way to display some happy memories. So apart from various prints we provide, you can think of gifting by printing photos on wood. You can showcase some fantastic vibrancy of the colours in the picture through wood prints. They can look exceptional when decorated in your bedroom's bedside table, shelves or even coffee table in the living room. This time we have 15% OFF on wood prints which means you can either make your house look the most decorative with these or send some of the wood decor love as gifts to your friends!

  3. Photo Calendars: These are classic gifts if you have your own little start-up or business. Photo calendars are usually in huge demand around this time of the year since everyone likes to receive calendars, postcards along with the holiday gifts. So, you can save on big if you are thinking of printing photo calendars online for gifting purposes to your employees, clients and even friends. CanvasChamp can help you design poster calendars, wall and desk calendars with your favourite photos and personal messages through online easy-to-use design tool. You can also either order the bulk directly to your house with gift wraps on or get them sent directly to the homes of your people! There is an ongoing 10% discount on photo calendars, so you are saved from any bulk ordering costs.

Black Friday is the perfect time to buy all the presents that you want to give away as goodwill to your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. The best way to gift thoughtful gifts is through personalising the gifting items. We will be having a major sale during the Black Friday which will run sitewide and all products of ours wherein you can use coupons, discounts dedicated for each different product and even free shipping on your order! So you can go ahead and try out all kinds of personalised photo products with us and make huge savings on it too!

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