60+ Best Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving Day Guide for New Zealand

60+ Best Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving Day Guide for New Zealand

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Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated occasions in New Zealand, especially right before Christmas. It is celebrated with the old-style turkey meal. People exchange gifts with each other as a token of love, adoration, and gratitude. But sticking to traditional gifts like pens, photo frames, and others is not a good idea, especially when people can once again celebrate the day openly without any restriction.  

So, to ease your confusion and help you find the best gift for your family, friends, and others, we have created a perfect list of more than 60 gift options for thanksgiving gift ideas. This will give you a basic idea of what you can choose for your loved ones and those you care about.  

Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas for Room Decor 

Getting some items for room décor this Thanksgiving Day is something you shouldn't ignore at any cost. But the question is, what should you get for decorating the room that will be within your affordable range, functional, and unique? So, to help you out, we have listed some of the best things to get for your room décor, whether the bedroom or the living room. 

One of the best gifts for Thanksgiving this year will be a photo blanket. Yes, you heard it right! A beautiful picture will be printed on the blanket, or you can create a collage and have it printed for a memory blanket. 

Winter is already knocking at the door, and having a woven blanket is fantastic. But getting this beautiful gift for your loved ones on Thanksgiving will make the occasion more memorable and extravagant.  

These cover-ups are soft, thin, and unique to be used as a comforter. You can even use it as a shawl while you sit on the couch, watch your favorite show on Netflix, or attend a meeting.  

If you are looking for some out-of-the-box gift idea, having this wonderful fleece sherpa blanket will be an ideal option. It directly comes from the hands of the sherpas; thus, its softness and comfort are unmatched. 

The pillow cover is another great option for decorating the house with a Thanksgiving gift. You can choose the regular one that matches your bedding or furniture upholstery color or have one custom-made.  

Nothing will be as good as the photo pillow if you want something extra special. It will have a beautiful picture on the top, just like you want. This will easily add a personal touch to the pillow.  

Dedicate this beautiful pillow to your beloved pet with a picture of you and your pet printed on the top surface this Thanksgiving Day of 2022.  

Sequin pillows are significant in terms of looks and designs. The vibrant colors of the sequins will make the pillow look extra special, adding an uncanny beauty to the living room or bedroom.  

The throw pillow is another outstanding gift option for this year's Thanksgiving. Soft and shaped in different forms, you can easily have this throw pillow to decorate the living area best.  


Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas for Wall Decor 

A blank wall in the living room, lounge, or bedroom on Thanksgiving Day won't look good. It can easily demean the mood and create a saddened ambiance. We have listed some of the best gift options for decorating the wall for Thanksgiving.  

Memories are meant to be preserved, and that's why we have photo frame collections to display the beautiful moments captured by the lens and stored in your mobile phone or computer.  

Have you ever realized how beautiful the mosaic looks when mounted on the wall? If yes, it's time to get one for yourself on Thanksgiving and make the occasion more memorable.  

You can easily use these excellent decals, from beautiful golden-colored leaves to flowers and butterflies. Therefore, you won't have to find something else to cover the blank space on the walls.  

Another outstanding gift for this Thanksgiving Day is wooden blocks with your choice of photo engraved on them. Therefore, picture art will stay put with time. 

Whether you want a picture printed on canvas or an oil painting representing beautiful scenarios, having a framed canvas mounted on the wall will make the auspicious day more memorable. 

You can also get a collage from 4 or more photos. All these will be compiled according to the framework you choose and get it framed for decorating the walls.  

Another fantastic thing you can get to decorate the walls, especially for Thanksgiving, is the wall clock. You can choose the simple ones with a solid-colored back or a personalized wall for more visual appeal and meaning. 

The metal sheets will be best if you want to print the pictures on something unique and out-of-the-box. As the name sounds, the thin plate is usually made from aluminum or steel, and the picture is etched. 

Another outstanding photo printing option is acrylic print. You can either have the print without any border or leave a nominal gap from all edges.  

The split canvas print is better if you want to create a story on the wall. Here, the photos will be split into three or more canvas blocks, usually rectangular, for a better view.  

For everyone who has a deep love for pop art, you can quickly get a picture printed on the canvas or a famous quote from one of your favorite pop artists.  

If you do not like the usual way the pictures are printed, you can easily opt for the 3D photo print, where the depth of the image will be altered to cast a 3D illusion.  

When you have a landscape mode picture, you cannot fit the entire picture in the normal canvas frames. So, get this panoramic canvas print with the entire picture highlighted on the canvas.  

Get this beautiful set of wall tiles and customize them using your favorite pictures to make the wall look personal and endearing.  

  • Personalized Wall Art

Personalize a wall art and then hang it in the living room or the bedroom to create a wonderful ambiance you will love the most.  

One of the best gifts for Thanksgiving this year is the canvas floater frames. The canvas paper is tightly stretched around the frame, giving an illusion of the frame floating.  

If you do not want to get a canvas print in the traditional square or rectangular shape, you can have the print in a triangle, hexagon, or circle shape.  

There is no celebration for Thanksgiving if you don't paste the poster on the wall serving as the backdrop. So, without wasting any further time, get this fantastic poster and enjoy the party to the fullest.  

Another fantastic thing you can have for Thanksgiving is the banner, with the words written in large, bold, and vibrant style with a beautiful backdrop picture.  

Have text printed on black or white canvas in beautiful fonts with varying weights, styles, and colors, and have them hung on the wall for a beautiful look.  

Have a digital oil painting framed and hang it on the wall to increase its overall visual appeal and beauty that you may not find anywhere else.  

Just as the name sounds, you can have your favorite quote printed on the canvas and personalize it in terms of font style, size, color, and even alignment. This will be amazing when you hang three or four framed canvas prints with quotes. 

These are also simple, with the only difference being that instead of quotes, you will have the lyrics of your favorite song printed. Personalize it according to your choices and get the perfect wall décor for Thanksgiving.  

No matter how much space you have on the wall, getting this calendar will be unique, all thanks to the exquisite picture printed on it. Just ensure you choose the right photo since it will be highlighted in front of everyone.  

The wall calendar will also be an outstanding gift you can have on Thanksgiving. Ensure you choose the correct size, so it doesn't look like a sore thumb. 

Apart from all these, you can also get the poster calendar. Just as the name sounds, this calendar will be like a poster where you can have anything printed on its surface. 

This photo frame is made from transparent acrylic material with double layers that create a grand optical illusion that you will undoubtedly live the most.  

As the name suggests, this excellent frame is made from transparent acrylic and will be a fantastic way to display the entire photo without blocking any part.  


Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas for Table Decor  

Whether the coffee table or the bedside table, you need to put something on the top to ensure the furniture doesn't look empty and stick out like a sore thumb. Therefore, look at these beautiful gift ideas in the best possible manner.  

One of the best things you can keep on the table for Thanksgiving décor is a magic photo mug. As its name suggests, the photo will be revealed once you gradually pour the warm liquid inside the mug. 

Personalize these ceramic coasters with photos of your choice and keep them on the coffee or central table. Get a bigger size for the dining table, and you will have fun during the Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. 

If you know someone who is a fan of games or sits long hours in front of the computer, customizing a mouse pad and giving the same to that person will be an excellent idea for this upcoming Thanksgiving Day. 

Customize this tabletop with any picture or text from your behalf or choose a unique shape you wouldn't find in the market and have it installed on the coffee table or central table in your home to make it look like a beautiful piece of furniture. 

Although the name suggests this is a photo stone, it's a photo frame holder with the frame carved out of a natural rock. The beautiful picture and the sharp texture of the rock will make the tabletop look lovely, especially if it's the bedside table or the console tabletop. 

Customize the ceramic mug with a picture of your choice and have it as a décor item on the table. You can also keep some candles in the mug and light them up when the party is about to start. 

Do you know a person who is a great cook but cannot figure out what you should give them? If yes, get this chopping board and edge anything you want to say with laser or fire. It will be the perfect Thanksgiving Day, especially for table records. 

This mug features a beautiful handle shaped like a heart and is a fantastic gift for your partner, husband, or wife. Just ensure you match a beautiful color combination to make it a symbol of the love and adoration you have in your heart for your partner. 

Nothing can be as good as a beer mug, especially with the outside surface being designed in a unique texture and the full item made from clear, transparent glass. 

From the name itself, you can understand this is a frosted mug where the outside surface will feature a frost structure, and the entire glass mug can be used as a table décor for Thanksgiving. 

Customize the colors you want on the mug and use it as a décor item for the tabletop. You can also have three or more mugs with different colors to create an excellent representation for your guests. 

Nothing can be as interesting as the caricature photo stand, especially if the caricatured figure is of yours or any other person in your family. The photo stand is made from wood and will look amazing on the tabletop without any clothes on the surface. 

This fantastic 3D crystal cube will have pictures you picked out at the beginning, and once you light them up, the pictures will shine brightly. 

As the name suggests, this is a beautiful 3D lamp that will create an optical illusion of the pictures once you light the Lamp and leave it at one corner of the room to ensure the shadows of those photos dance on the walls. 

Having any wooden or metallic mobile stand on the tabletop can sometimes interfere with the décor. So, keep your mobile safe on the stand made from acrylic that will be transparent and can fit almost any sort of table décor. 

The desk calendar sounds like a fantastic gift option for the study table or office worktable, especially on Thanksgiving. 

This beautiful plaque will have the Spotify love art etched on its surface and heighten the overall elegance and sophistication of the tabletop where you will place it. 

With the customizable design, this beautiful moon lamp will make the Thanksgiving recall more special and eccentric, especially when you light it up, and the shadow will be reflected on the surrounding walls. 

Get this beautiful table lamp with a heart shape and complete the home décor for Thanksgiving in no time. It looks fantastic, especially if you want to arrange a special dinner or surprise for your partner. 

Made from canvas, this tabletop is fantastic, and you can customize it to have a unique and much better tabletop décor on this Thanksgiving Day. 

This beautiful tabletop is made from acrylic and will take you by surprise, especially if you go for transparent acrylic material. 

Made from metal sheets, this fabulous tabletop speaks volumes and will ensure you don't have to worry about not having a beautiful décor item for this Thanksgiving Day. 


Good Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas 

If you want a Thanksgiving Day gift for anyone like your friend, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, office colleagues, employees, teachers, neighbors, and more, let's look at these beautiful gifts.  

This beautiful fridge magnet will have a photo imprinted on it, and you can use it to stick anything on the refrigerator, from the certificates of your children in every exam or any critical paper or a daily To-Do List for your kids when you are away. 

If you want something to give to your colleague, mother, or girlfriend, the photo ornament will never cause you to regret it. For example, you can get this beautiful heart-shaped pendant and add pictures on both sides as it opens to form two hearts. 

The canvas tote bag will be a fantastic gift for someone who usually must run errands every day and go outside for a pet walk or any other purpose. Made from high-quality material, it will last a long time. 

Make this beautiful photo book with different pictures that you think are special for your life and give this to someone who is the closest to your heart and you love that person above everything else. 

For colleagues and teachers, this photo diary is the best option for a Thanksgiving Day gift, especially since it has a beautiful photo printed on the top that you can even personalize with a photo of your own. 

Get the photo printed right now, and do not leave them pent up in your camera or profile. For this Thanksgiving Day, you can go for canvas, metal, framed, and so on. 

The customized Rubik's Cube is undoubtedly the best gift you can give to someone you think is the owner of a bright and intelligent brain that no one else can have. 

Print tiny emojis or figures or cartoons on the socks and give them to your colleagues, father, boyfriend, brother, and any other person you think deserves the socks the most. 

The best way to spend some leisure time with others you know better is through playing cards. So, why not buy a bunch of playing cards this Thanksgiving Day and even customize them with the photo or text that will be printed on the other surface of each card? 

Just like the name sounds, these light switch panels will be a fantastic gift option for someone who loves to decorate their home with unique and beautiful things. 

Get this photo puzzle for your younger sibling and keep them engaged in the jigsaw puzzle to reveal a beautiful picture you will love the most. You can also give it to someone older than you, with just the change in the picture. 

From acrylic to canvas, there are multiple options for tabletops that you can have for your loved ones this Thanksgiving Day. You can also get it personalized with a picture of your choice. 

True to its name, this pillow will reveal a picture once you slide your hands over the sequencing surface in one direction and another picture as you reverse the sliding motion to the other direction. 

Get customized luggage tags for someone you know who loves to travel a lot and ensure that person doesn't lose the luggage anytime at the airport or a new place. 

The yoga mat can be customized according to the size and thickness you want for someone you know who a fitness freak is who always loves to keep everything perfect. 

Give this customized apron to a chef you know with a beautiful picture at the front and a text of your choice. The best part is you can customize the entire apron size based on what you need for that person. 

This beautiful photo umbrella is the next best option for Thanksgiving Day. All the pictures will be permanently etched on their surface and look fantastic once the person opens the umbrella. 

This bookmark set will be customized with a picture you give now of ordering, and it will be amazing to get this for someone you know who loves to read books. 

  • Custom Power Bank

This beautiful power bank will help the person to ensure the phone is always charged and can gossip with you for hours or play games when bored without having to put it on charge too often. 

Customize this beautiful flash drive and give it to your colleague, employee, teacher, or anyone who needs this flash drive this Thanksgiving Day. 

This beautiful-looking stone is the epitome of rustic elegance that can be denied by any means. Besides, the picture pasted on its surface heightens the overall meaning and feel of this beautiful Thanksgiving gift. 


Thanksgiving Gift Set or Bundle To Get 

Here is the best option to get some of the best Thanksgiving Day gifts in bundles. Canvas Champ is offering excellent discounts on bundle shopping. Here are the codes you can apply while shopping for gifts in bulk.  

  • BOSSBOGO: Based on this code, you will get one free item on buying one.  
  • B2G1: This code will help you to get one free item on buying two. 
  • B6G3: Here, you can have three items once you buy six. 
  • B9G4: You can get four items once you buy nine pieces of the same.  


Thanksgiving Day Devotions and Activities 

Thanksgiving Day is dull and lame if you do not arrange some activities so everyone can have fun. But the question is, what kind of activities can you arrange so that people can make the moves out of Thanksgiving Day? To answer your question, we have listed some of the best activities you can arrange for Thanksgiving Day.  

  • The first and foremost thing you can arrange is a throw pillow game where you will switch on music, and the pillow will be transferred from one person to another sitting in a circle. The person who ends up with the pillow after the music stops will have to perform a dare given by others. 
  • You can also arrange games like tug of war, pool parties, etc. 
  • For kids, a treasure hunt is the best option for the Thanksgiving Day game.  


FAQs on Thanksgiving Day 


What is Thanksgiving Day? 

Autumn is the harvest season for many crops across the world. In earlier days, people celebrated to thank nature for the harvest and crops they could survive the harsh winter and even earn by selling them. Later, this day was Thanksgiving Day. 

What day is Thanksgiving? 

Thanksgiving Day is usually celebrated in November, between the 20th to 25th of November. On this day, people celebrate by eating delicious meals, sharing gifts, and enjoying themselves just as usual. 

When is Thanksgiving Day? 

Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated on November 24, 2022, this year. It marks the beginning of the Christmas month because right after one month, or 30 days, Christmas will be celebrated. 

What day is thanksgiving in New Zealand? 

Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated in New Zealand on November 24, 2022. 

Why celebrate Thanksgiving Day? 

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as a wait to pay gratitude to nature for giving food and other supplies with which humans have survived for so long, especially after the autumn season when the harvests are collected from the crop fields and used for surviving the harsh winter season. 

Does New Zealand celebrate Thanksgiving Day? 

Yes, New Zealand grandly celebrates Thanksgiving Day. Lights are attached to the roads, and it is also considered one of the national festivals in the country. 

What is the purpose of Thanksgiving Day? 

True to its name, the purpose of Thanksgiving Day is to pay gratitude to nature and congratulate or say thank you to one another for being there in life, supporting through thick and thin, and so on. 

What is the significance of Thanksgiving Day? 

Let's consider the literal meaning of Thanksgiving Day. It has a lot of significance because it implies that people should pay gratitude to one another and mature for making the world such a beautiful place and for being there in both happy and challenging times. 

Who started Thanksgiving Day? 

There is no record of any person who started Thanksgiving Day in history. 

Why is it called Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving? 

In earlier days, people crowded the markets right after Thanksgiving Day to get the best things as gifts for Christmas. During one such day, the markets went black, and since that day, the Friday after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Currently, people receive many discounts on Black Friday and buy many gifts they will give to their loved ones on Christmas. 




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