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    Personalised Wall Clock Details

    • Our custom wall clocks come in a variety of styles, including circular, square, heart-shaped, and unique designs like lion, bean, vertical rectangle, oval, bear, and monkey shapes. All sizes are available to ensure a perfect fit for any space in your home or office.
    • Create custom photo collage wall clocks with our design tool. Personalise your timepiece with cherished memories by selecting your favourite photos to craft a unique design.
    • CanvasChamp offers an array of wall clock dimensions to complement your space and taste. Choose from petite to grand options, ensuring your bespoke clock seamlessly integrates into any room.
    • With CanvasChamp, you can easily order wall clocks online at an affordable rate. Create a striking piece of wall art without exceeding your budget, thanks to our competitive pricing.
    • Personalised wall clocks serve as excellent choices for corporate gifting and offer an alternative to traditional options like boxes or stationery.

    Custom Wall Clocks for Printing Photos on Various Shapes

    Choose from Our Unique Selection for Your Custom Wall Clocks

    • Round Wall Clock

      Round Wall Clock

      This classic picture wall clock will enhance your home decor. Personalise it with your favourite photo to create a truly unique piece. Choose from a variety of styles including Circular, Scalloped Edge, Quatrefoil, Star Shape, Photo Mosaic, Happy Sun, Asymmetrical, and Rainbow Tunes designs. Make your wall clock the focal point of style and personalisation in any room.

    • Square Wall Clock

      Square Wall Clock

      Enhance your décor with a modern touch using this square wall clock. It stands out among personalized wall clocks due to its unique design. Choose from various stylish options like Rounded Square, Soft Edge Square, Curved Square, Multi-Photos Square, Four-Square, Playtime Square, or a vertical rectangle-shaped clock. Each option lets you add your personal touch, making these clocks standout pieces in your home.

    • Heart Wall Clock

      Heart Wall Clock

      Express the significance of shared moments with a heart-shaped wall clock. Customise it with a beautiful couple’s photo or a heartfelt family picture, making it an excellent gift for anniversaries, weddings or Valentine’s Day.

    • Lion Shaped Clock

      Lion Shaped Clock

      A lion-shaped wall clock with a unique family image or a magnificent lion photo on it might symbolize strength and unity. You can hang it wherever to encourage bravery, tenacity, and self-assurance.

    • Bean Shaped Clock

      Bean Shaped Clock

      The bean-shaped wall clock is perfect to celebrate cherished memories, featuring a cute photo or a warm family portrait. This custom photo wall clock is ideal to create an inviting atmosphere in your house or gifting to friends and acquaintances.

    • Vertical Rectangle-shaped Clock

      Vertical Rectangle-shaped Clock

      Preserve beautiful moments with a vertical rectangle-shaped clock, customised with a favourite photo or a memorable family portrait. Consider the playful quack clock option for a touch of whimsy. Customise the vertical rectangle-shaped clock with a favourite photo or a memorable family portrait to add a personal touch to your space.

    • Oval Shaped Clock

      Oval Shaped Clock

      Celebrate every best moment of your life with an oval-shaped wall clock, personalised with a beautiful family photo or a memory with friends. It’s an ideal and antique gift you can consider to gift housewives or new homeowners.

    • Bear Shaped Clock

      Bear Shaped Clock

      The bear-shaped wall clock is a perfect decor for any space. It’s recommended for children’s rooms or nature enthusiasts to add warmth and charm to their decor. The fun bear-shaped clock featuring a cute photo or best trip moment is the perfect gift for kids or a humorous person.

    • Monkey Shaped Clock

      Monkey Shaped Clock

      Add a funny touch to your home or office space with a monkey-shaped wall clock, customised with a fun photo or a lively office colleagues' portrait. It’s an excellent gift choice for your family member or boss to spread joy and laughter.

    Unique Options for Personalised Wall Clock Designs

    Select from One of Our Fantastic Photo Wall Clock Options

    • Elegance


      This simple, classic style for your customised wall clock will look great in any room of your house. Display it proudly in your living room or even your kitchen for a stylish touch.

    • Modern


      Upgrade your home decor with CanvasChamp's sleek and contemporary photo-printed wall clock. This modern design effortlessly combines practicality and personalisation, allowing you to showcase your special memories in a stylish clock.

    • Roman


      CanvasChamp offers a timeless classic with our Roman wall clock design, turned into a personalised photo wall clock. Add a touch of sophistication to your space by decorating your walls with this exquisite clock featuring your memories.

    • Tempo


      Enhance your timekeeping experience with CanvasChamp's Tempo wall clock design, a custom-printed wall clock that blends style and functionality. Design a unique clock that complements your decor and reflects your personal style.

    Creating Premium Photo Wall Clocks

    Creating Premium Photo Wall Clocks

    Explore the ideal addition to your home with our custom wall clocks from CanvasChamp! Crafted from top-quality 4mm acrylic, these custom photo wall clocks are both stylish and sturdy. Select from a range of personalised shapes, like square, circle, heart, and more, to suit your decor. You can also personalise your clock with letters or go for a simpler design. Every option of custom wall clocks is having free hook for easy hanging and acrylic stand for easy display options. Whether you want to modernise your home decor or looking as a gifting option, our customised wall clock online is the best and practical to any space.

    Customized Wall Clock as Gift Idea for Every Occasion

    • Wall Clock for Valentine

      Wall Clock for Valentine

      Looking to impress your partner with a unique gift idea? Our personalised clocks with photos are the best choice to express your love and efforts. Customise it with your special moments together on a custom photo wall clock and add a personal touch to your gift.

    • Wall Clock for Birthday

      Wall Clock for Birthday

      If you want to surprise your brother or sister, you can go for a customised wall clock featuring their favourite memories. Our custom photo wall clocks are not only stunning but also sentimental, making them the perfect birthday gift for anyone special in your life.

    • Wall Clock for Wedding

      Wall Clock for Wedding

      Celebrate the best day of your life like a wedding with a personalised wall clock. This customised wall clock with pictures is a thoughtful and loving gift that the newlyweds couple will cherish forever.

    • Wall Clock for Christmas

      Wall Clock for Christmas

      All you want for Christmas is customised wall clocks to add a touch of warmth to your family and loved ones. Customise with the best Christmas memories or cake celebrations to make a delightful and memorable Christmas gift.

    • Wall Clock for Mother's Day

      Wall Clock for Mother's Day

      Surprise your mom with a personalised wall clock displaying treasured family moments. Customise the wall clock with her childhood photos and make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

    • Wall Clock for Father's Day

      Wall Clock for Father's Day

      Express your gratitude to Dad with a customised wall clock showcasing special memories. Our personalised wall clock is the best way to celebrate your dad’s day uniquely and meaningfully.

    Personalized Wall Clocks for Home & Office Decor

    Personalized Wall Clocks for Home & Office Decor

    • Wall Clock for Drawing Room: Make your drawing room the center of attention with a personalized wall clock, adding a special touch to your wall. Displaying a custom photo wall clock with a picture in your drawing room is sure to enhance your decor.
    • Wall Clock for Lobby: Make a stylish statement with a photo wall clock. Adding a customised wall clock with pictures to your lobby wall creates a welcoming atmosphere for guests.
    • Wall Clock for Kitchen: Stay organised and add character with a custom wall clock featuring your own photos. A personalised wall clock with photo prints adds a unique touch to your kitchen decor.
    • Wall Clock for Office: Stay on track with a customised wall clock displaying inspiring images. A personalised wall clock with pictures in your office helps keep you motivated and focused throughout the day.
    • Wall Clock for Cabin: Add a rustic touch with a custom photo wall clock. A personalised wall clock with your own photos adds warmth and personality to your cabin retreat.
    • Wall Clock for Bedroom: Create a soothing ambiance with a customised wall clock featuring tranquil images. A photo wall clock in the bedroom adds a personal touch to your relaxation space.

    Create Your Own Personalised Clock with Photo and Text

    No home decor is truly finished without a striking clock adorning the wall. Seeking a distinct, customised timepiece to adorn your kitchen or gift to a new homeowner? Maybe you're after a gift that promises to amaze and bring joy with every glance at the time?

    Create Your Personalised Photo Clocks

    Craft custom photo clocks using your own images, text, and designs. Our picture wall clocks are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes, guaranteeing the ideal match for any room or event.

    Personalised Wall Clocks for Every Celebration

    Custom wall clocks are the best gift for special moments like birthdays, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day. You can customise wall clock based on occasions and feature the best photo to remember for life.

    Oval Shaped Clocks

    Our Oval Shaped Clock adds a touch of grace to any home. Personalise it with the best family picture or special memory for a personal touch. Oval shaped clocks are mostly used as functional wall decor inside the home.

    Custom Clocks for Kids

    In kids' bedrooms, personalised photo clocks bring both fun and function. Tailor them with charming designs to make them uniquely theirs. Opt for a bear-shaped or monkey-shaped clock to add a playful touch, complete with adorable photos and designs that transform time-telling into an engaging adventure.

    How to Personalise Your Picture Wall Clock

    Choose a theme: Select the perfect style for your personalised wall clock. We offer options to suit every home and interior design.

    Consider the size and shape: Before creating your custom wall clock, decide on the size and shape that suits your preference.

    Choose high-quality images: Pick beautiful and impactful photos to feature on your picture wall clock.

    Experiment with layouts: Create a lovely collage by arranging up to 4 photos on your photo wall clock.

    Get creative: Make your custom photo wall clock unique by incorporating special photos that stand out.

    Unique Personalised Photo Wall Clock Gift Ideas

    For Romantic Souls: Show your love with a heart-shaped wall clock, ideal for celebrating special bonds. Customise wall clock in a heart shape and reflect your love and interest.

    For Kids: Personalised wall clocks like bear-shaped and monkey-shaped clocks add humor to a child's room. Both wall clocks are durable and have a unique design that you should consider for your kids.

    Personalised Wall Clock FAQs

    How do I personalise a wall clock with CanvasChamp?

    You can easily personalise a wall clock with our design tool. Just choose your preferred shape and size, upload your favourite photos, and customise with text or designs to create a unique piece.

    What occasions are CanvasChamp wall clocks suitable for?

    You can give wall clocks on special occasions like newlyweds, holiday celebrations or birthday.

    Can I customise a CanvasChamp wall clock with multiple photos?

    Absolutely! You can add up to 4 images to your custom wall clock and create a beautiful collage that captures your special memories.

    What materials are CanvasChamp wall clocks made from?

    We use the best quality materials for wall clocks and ensure durability and longevity. Our custom wall clocks have strong frames and HD printing for crystal clear images.

    How long does it take to receive my personalised wall clock from CanvasChamp?

    Your personalised wall clock delivery will be based on shipping method. If you choose standard shipping, it takes 6-8 business days, express shipping, it takes 5-6 business days and if you choose priority shipping it takes 3-5 business days.