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Personalised Playing Cards for Anytime

Personalised Playing Cards for Anytime

CanvasChamp brings you an exciting way to make your hours of card games more fun! Get your hands on a deck or two of CanvasChamp's personalised decks of cards and get on the game night! Design customised decks of cards for each game you like to play to get all-in the game! Make poker, spades, gin rummy or even goldfish with kids exciting by printing card themed images, text or logo on custom cards.

Say bye-bye to waiting bored for the doctor in the waiting room or sitting idle with an aeroplane mode on a plane. Hustle and win a couple of card games with your friends, companion or siblings to make passing the time more enjoyable!

Specifications of Our Custom Cards

  • Paper: 300 GSM Card Stock.
  • Lamination: Both Side Glossy.
  • Size: 3.3"H X 2.07"W
  • Printing Side: Front
Gift Custom Playing Cards on Any Occasion

Gift Custom Playing Cards on Any Occasion

Do you happen to know someone who is incredible at poker and is always finding a card game when you hit a casino? Give them personalised photo playing cards as a gift to help them dedicate their gaming skill better! Make great party favours the next time you host a game night over a weekend BBQ with your friends and family with custom printed playing cards.