Fine Quality Wooden Chopping Boards
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  • Fine Quality Wooden Chopping Boards

    Our chopping boards are crafted with high-quality wood that ensures durability while you cook or if you have to move your board from one place to another.

    Our chopping boards use high-grade technology to engrave special messages, names, or initials to personalise your item. Whether you’re letting people know who the head chef of the household is or crafting initials for a friend or loved one, our state-of-the-art engraving tools are sure to do the job.

    Chopping Board Specifications

    Chopping Board Specifications

    We offer four sizes of chopping boards when customising:

    • Small: 30x20 CM
    • Medium: 35x25 CM
    • Large: 40x30 CM
    • Extra Large: 30x45 CM
    Custom Chopping Boards as Practical Gifts

    Custom Chopping Boards as Practical Gifts

    Each chopping board includes the option to be engraved. Our engraving tools aren’t limited to just a name or initials; you can also choose to have a special image engraved into the wood or your business logo.

    Custom chopping boards make for thoughtful and practical gifts; no matter if the person in your life is an expert chef or is merely looking for new decor for their kitchen, there are plenty of occasions a personalised chopping board is great for.

    Our Chopping Boards are Great For:

    • Wedding gifts
    • Anniversaries
    • Housewarmings
    • Standard Kitchen Decor
    • Branding Material
    • Birthday Gifts
    • Mother’s / Father’s Day Gift

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What resolution is best for an engraved image?

    We recommend using a minimum of 200 dpi or larger for images or graphics that are uploaded. Text entered through our design tool is already primed for optimal resolution and needs no further adjustment.

    How do I care for my custom cutting board?

    Wash and clean as you would any wooden kitchen utensil - hand wash in warm water using a mild dish detergent.

    What technology is used for engraving?

    We use a laser to engrave on the wood. The laser beam is used to burn / engrave on many different materials, including these chopping boards.

    What if I want only an image and no text?

    We recommend uploading your desired image and then leaving the text area blank in the design tool. This will ensure that only your image appears on the wood cutting board.

    Can I order custom cutting boards in bulk?

    For all questions regarding bulk orders, please reach out to our customer service team. You can call our toll-free number +64-4-8861008 or email us at In addition to those two options, we also offer a chat feature on our website that will immediately connect you with a member of our support staff.