Personalize Rubik Cube - Let the magic begin!

Personalize Rubik Cube - Let the magic begin!

Why does a Rubik's Cube challenge be tedious? Play with a custom Rubik's cube and get thrilled to solve the challenge.

Now make a widely popular mechanical puzzle even more attractive by giving it a personalized touch. CanvasChamp offers you a custom Rubik cube which you can use for your own leisure time. Or you can even gift it to your problem solver-gamer friend on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, friendship day, valentine day, and more.

You can design a custom Rubik's cube, a fully functional puzzle, with your preferred image. Solving it will keep you busy and entertained for several hours. And when not playing with this exciting photo puzzle, simply place this personalized Rubik cube puzzle on your workstation or bedside. It will surely grab the attention of everyone!

Decide on your favourite quotes or a picture, and CanvasChamp will print and deliver a personalized Rubik's cube just for you!

Up your gift game with something unique and memorable. CanvasChamp brings a custom Rubik cube that can be customized to your heart's desire with your favorite memories. We are sure that your loved ones would adore this gift and smile every time they play with this cube.

Come on, do not wait. Collect some cool pictures and personalize your Rubik cube today and start customizing Rubik’s cube with photos online. Place your order and we will deliver them to your doorstep in New Zealand.

What To Print on Custom Rubik’s Cube?

  • Couple’s photos.
  • Brother Sister photos.
  • Mother Father photos.
  • Famous quotes.
  • Wedding and birthday parties’ pictures.
UV Printed
Custom Rubik's Cube - Let the 3D Puzzle Be More Challenging

Custom Rubik's Cube - Let the 3D Puzzle Be More Challenging

Personalize Rubik cube - Classic puzzle with a unique twist

Make your loved one’s day special, gift them a personalized Rubik cube with their photos printed on it and bring a smile to their face. Compared to the original puzzle, a custom-made Rubik cube will be comparatively more pleasing to solve for children and adults.

Rubik’s Cube always attracts game lovers as it has 43 quintillion possible moves but just ‘one single’ solution. So why not the single solution be your or your loved one’s image? Personalize a Rubik's cube on CanvasChamp and make it the best gift your special one will ever receive.

Beyond using it as a personalized gift option, you can even make it a branding tool. For instance, you can design it with your brand logos or customize it as a barcode scanning gift option. So when your customers solve the puzzle for the first time and scan the code on your app, they get some discount on the next purchase.

There are various customization options for the personalization of the Rubik cube - an addictive multi-dimensional puzzle. You think it, and we will make it happen. Choose your preferred design, image, captions, logos, quotes, and we will deliver custom Rubik's cube the way you like!