Photo Wall Tiles

5/6 mm

    Product Description:

    • Beautifully crafted Photo Wall Tiles from premium hardwood.
    • Custom Wall Tiles with a substantial feel due to their 5/6mm thickness.
    • Personalised Wall Tiles in four unique shapes for creative displays.
    • Custom Decorative Wall Tiles in various sizes from petite 15x20 CM to grand 35x30 CM.
    • Comes with peel-off double-sided adhesive for instant setup.
    • Striking, vibrant colours achieved with UV ink printing.
    Stickable Custom Wall Tiles Details

    Stickable Custom Wall Tiles Details

    Got a minute? That's all it takes to install our Custom Decorative Wall Tiles. Just peel off those orange strips on the back to reveal the adhesive, choose the perfect spot for your custom-made tiles with your design, stick 'em up, and press firmly. Voila! Instant wall makeover!

    Material & Shape Diversity

    • Foam Board, Metal, Acrylic photo tiles.
    • Thickness - 5-6mm (0 CM - 0 CM) thick.
    • Multiple shapes are available of photo tiles: square, Rectangle, Circle & Hexagon.

    Tile Sizes: Choose Yours

    • Square: 15x15 CM – 20x20 CM – 30x30 CM
    • Rectangle: 15x20 CM – 20x25 CM – 30x45 CM
    • Circle: 15x15 CM – 20x20 CM – 30x30 CM
    • Hexagon: 17x15 CM – 22x20 CM – 35x30 CM

    Photo Wall Photo Tiles Layout Ideas to Print

    Elevate your interior aesthetics with captivating photo tile layouts. Whether you're a minimalist or love a good collage, we've got a layout idea tailored for you.

    • One Photo

      One Photo

      A solo masterpiece speaks volumes. Highlight that cherished moment with a standalone photo tile for a simple yet profound impact.

    • Two Photos

      Two Photos

      Symmetry at its best. Pair your memories side by side, creating a harmonious dialogue between two pivotal moments.

    • Three Photos

      Three Photos

      A trio of tales. This layout offers a sequential story, perfect for capturing milestones or a series of events.

    • Four Photos

      Four Photos

      Quadruple the charm! Grid them together for a contemporary square or form a linear narrative. Your story, fourfold.

    Custom Wall Tiles: Shape Variety

    Dive into a world where shapes tell stories. Our range of custom wall tiles offers diverse forms to best fit your design aspirations and memories.

    • Hexagon Photo Tiles

      Hexagon Photo Tiles

      Modern and edgy, hexagon photo tiles bring a geometric touch, interlocking memories with a stylish flair.

    • Circle Photo Tiles

      Circle Photo Tiles

      Celebrate life's cyclical moments with our circle photo tiles. A perfect curve that encapsulates whole memories, radiating warmth.

    • Rectangle Photo Tiles

      Rectangle Photo Tiles

      Classic and versatile, rectangle photo tiles are a canvas for those panoramic memories and elongated tales.

    • Square Photo Tiles

      Square Photo Tiles

      Equally balanced, square photo tiles offer a contemporary look, capturing memories within four equal sides of sentiment.

    Custom Shapes to Print Photo Wall Tiles

    Custom Shapes to Print Photo Wall Tiles

    We’ve constructed picture tiles in many different popular shapes. Choose from squares, rectangles, circles and hexagons. Each shape is unique for so many different applications, from creating picture tiles for wall, photo mosaics to circle photo headshots. You’re only limited by your imagination!

    Square photo tiles are great for creating visual storytelling on a wall. Combine photos of similar styles and scenes to make a creative and fun statement. Rectangle photo tiles work exceptionally well for landscape shots of nature, the beach, forests, as well as large group photos of family reunions or corporate events. Try using circle wall tiles for your children’s rooms to make funny emoji prints, for cartoon characters or amusing headshots of friends. Up your creative game with hexagon picture tiles to make mosaic designs that fit well together so you can keep adding tiles as you go. There are so many possibilities!

    Custom Printed Wall Tiles

    Custom Printed Wall Tiles

    Made from durable hardboard material, these fully customizable and colorful photo tiles for wall are perfect for so many different uses. Thinner and more lightweight than large canvas prints, wall tiles exude a finished and professional look without the big expense. They are a great alternative to decorative ceramic tiles you can hang anywhere in your home, office or school. You can get them in square, round, rectangular or hexagonal shapes.

    Hardboard is a synthetic wood product used in furniture and in the construction industry. A common use is for pegboards that you can hang tools and craft items on in a workshop or your garage. This material is an ideal substrate for printing with UV inks — that’s our specialty!

    Full-Image Prints on Custom Wall Tiles

    Full-Image Prints on Custom Wall Tiles

    Bring a pop of colour to your world with our Custom Decorative Wall Tiles - a solution that's as light, long-lasting, and as vibrant as your imagination. Stamp your style by using your unique artwork, text, photos, or business logos to create one-of-a-kind wall tiles. Get started on crafting custom tiles for your sanctuary or to publicize your business or event.

    In a décor dilemma for your next project? How about jazzing up your space with custom printed wall tiles? Fun and functional!

    Whether you aim to jazz up your bathroom wall or refresh a tired kitchen tile, our custom-made tiles with your design promise to elevate your interiors, impressing all who step inside.

    How to Make Custom Wall Tiles

    How to Make Custom Wall Tiles

    Printed hardboard photo tiles have many practical uses when you add your own unique touches to match your personal style or your company’s branding. Use them for presentations, temporary signage, or keepsake box covers. The square sizes are perfect for printing your Instagram photos, too!

    You can upload photos, graphics, art images, text, logos, or anything you can think of. Take images from your phone, computer, social media accounts and easily upload them online.

    Creativity Unleashed with Custom Wall Tiles

    Creativity Unleashed with Custom Wall Tiles

    Custom wall tiles are perfect for keepsake box covers, mosaic tile murals, decorative wall art, durable Instagram photo prints, indoor signage, promotional advertising and more!

    We print all of our wall tiles using durable UV inks that resist scratching and fading. The process is quick and easy using our high-tech digital printers, ensuring faster production times. The hardboard material is sturdy and rigid, yet incredibly lightweight enough to hang or display just about anywhere.

    Custom wall tiles are also ideal for use as promotional items, marketing campaign giveaways, advertising specialties, and trade shows. The different shapes available make them suitable for just about any situation. By printing your logo and business information on wall tiles, you get your business recognized anywhere!

    As with many other personalized products available through CanvasChamp , customers can create completely customized wall tiles totally online. Our site is very user-friendly to quickly and easily customize your order. All standard graphics formats are acceptable, and an array of fonts are available.

    Know More About Custom Decorative Wall Tiles

    Custom Wall Tiles offer a novel way to enliven your living space by turning your precious moments into pieces of art. They provide a chance to relive and rejoice in your unique journey.

    Personalised Photo Tile Ideas

    • Foodie Wall: Custom Wall Tiles can bring to life your love for food. Be it photos of your favourite dishes, your culinary triumphs, or food adventures, your kitchen or dining area can reflect your foodie personality.
    • Adventure Wall: Show off your adventurous side with custom-made tiles with your design. Document your thrilling escapades, from hiking trails to scuba diving, and let your walls narrate your adventure tales.
    • DIY Project Wall: Custom Wall Tiles are a great way to exhibit your DIY projects. Each tile can display a unique project, creating a wall of creativity and innovation.
    • Creative Mood Board: Personalised Wall Tiles can serve as a dynamic, changeable mood board for your creative endeavours. Be it for interior design, fashion, or art projects, these tiles can keep your inspirations in view.

    An Elegant Design Guide to Personalised Wall Tiles

    Designing personalised wall tiles is an incredible way to spruce up your interior décor with a unique blend of your artistic sense. These custom-made tiles with your design lend a personal touch to your home. Follow these steps to create your own Photo Wall Tiles:

    Selection of Shape: Begin your design journey by selecting the shape of your tiles. You can choose between square, circle, hexagon, or rectangle depending on your aesthetic preference.

    Size Decision: The next step is to decide the size of your wall tiles. We provide options of 15 x 15 CM, 20 x 20 CM, or 30 x 30 CM sizes to ensure the perfect fit on your wall.

    Image Upload: Once the shape and size are sorted, you can proceed to upload the images you wish to imprint on your Custom Wall Tiles.

    Photo Placement: Adjust the placement of the photo on the wall tile to get the desired look and feel.

    Add Extras: Want to make your tiles even more appealing? Add some text or clipart to them!

    Cart Addition and Payment: When you are satisfied with your design, add your creation to the cart. Insert your payment information and place your order. Your personalised wall tiles are now on their way to your doorstep!

    Buying Photo Wall Tiles in Bulk

    Considering a bulk purchase of wall tiles? CanvasChamp has got you covered with our attractive wholesale option. When you buy our custom wall tiles in larger quantities, you stand to save even more, with discounts from 10-20% per order. What's more, we even offer free shipping on eligible orders!

    Registering for a wholesale account is as simple as sending an email to our customer service at After registration, you'll be all set to reap the benefits of special savings on bulk orders, whether it's for Photo Wall Tiles or any of our other products.


    What is a photo tile?

    A photo tile is a piece of custom decor, square, rectangle, circle or hexagonal in shape, where a personalised image is imprinted. CanvasChamp's custom-made tiles with your design provide a unique way of preserving and exhibiting your precious memories or designs.

    How much are photo tiles?

    Prices for photo tiles can differ based on various factors such as the size, shape, and the quantity of tiles you are looking to purchase. For precise and current pricing details for New Zealand, please check our website or contact our customer service team at

    How to arrange photo tiles?

    Photo Wall Tiles can be arranged based on your personal preference and the space you're working with. You could align them in a structured grid for a neat look, or stagger them for a more dynamic display.

    How to display photo tiles?

    Custom Wall Tiles can be displayed in various innovative ways. You could create a feature wall, showcase a series of portraits, or even design a mood board. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

    How to hang photo tiles?

    Our photo tiles come with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing, making them easy to hang. Simply remove the protective layer and firmly press the tile onto your wall. Ensure the wall is clean and dry before hanging for the best results.

    How to print photos on tiles?

    At CanvasChamp, we take care of the printing process. Simply upload your chosen photos or designs on our website, select the size and shape of the tile you want, and we'll do the rest, ensuring high-quality prints on each tile.

    How to remove photo tiles from wall?

    CanvasChamp's photo tiles can be carefully removed from the wall without causing any damage. If any adhesive residue remains, it can be easily cleaned off with a damp cloth.

    How to transfer photos to tile?

    We take care of transferring your photos to tile. Once you've uploaded and customised your images on our site, we print them directly onto the tiles using a special printing process for vibrant and sharp imagery.

    How to make photo tiles?

    Creating custom photo tiles on CanvasChamp involves the following steps:

    • Select the Shape: Choose from square, rectangle, circle, or hexagon.
    • Choose the Size: Select from 15 x 15 CM, 20 x 20 CM, or 30 x 30 CM.
    • Upload Your Image: Browse your device for the desired photo and upload it.
    • Adjust Your Image: Adjust the placement of your photo to fit the tile perfectly.
    • Personalise: Add text or clipart to your design, if desired.
    • Review: Check your design for any necessary tweaks.
    • Add to Cart: Once satisfied, add it to your cart.
    • Payment Information: Enter your payment information.
    • Place Your Order: Place your order, and we'll ship your custom-made photo tiles directly to your location in New Zealand.