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Wow! It Floats!

Wow! It Floats!

Canvas floater frames – also known as boxed canvases – make any canvas print look like a gallery-hung work of art. Your canvas is mounted inside a wooden frame, leaving a small "gap", to create the illusion that the canvas is floating within the frame. Many professional art dealers and curators love this style of hanging, and now you can have it in your home. Custom floater frames from CanvasChamp will light up any wall!

The Right Color and Print and Your Décor

Our solid-wood floating frames come in 6 colors to give any room just the right touch.

  • Black Black
  • Coming Soon White White
  • Coming Soon Gold Leaf Gold Leaf
  • Coming Soon Silver Leaf Silver Leaf
  • Coming Soon Walnut Walnut
  • Coming Soon Maple Maple
Choose from:

What frame looks best in your home? It's your choice!

Canvas Floating Frames Options

We offer two options for prints - Whatever the space, we have the right canvas for you.

Standard Prints

Standard Canvas Floater Frames

Our standard canvas floater frames are perfect when you want to highlight that special portrait or memory. Any photo looks great on canvas – it's the best way to hang wall art!

Collage Prints

Collage Canvas Floater Frames

Collage canvas floater frames design allows you to print up to four photos in a vertical collage on one canvas print.

Use Collage Design to group photos by:

  • People
  • Places
  • Events
  • Color
  • Or Any Group You Can Imagine

Collage designs are perfect for smaller wall spaces that need a vertical touch of color - or print several collages to cover larger spaces!

Metal Floating Frames

Metal Floating Frames

Turn heads and add a unique element to any space with our custom metal floating frame. These metal frames provide a sleek look to any photo and creates a floating effect no matter where you place it. Our metal floater frame provides your photo canvas an art gallery look and is a “must have” for professional artists and curators.

Your finished product is stretched out across the metal frame and showcases depth and a high resolution image. The best part, there is no hardware that needs to be installed. Admire your floating metal frame from anywhere in the room as it stands up on its own.



Floating picture frames raise your mounted canvas prints to a new level… literally.

You have the perfect print. Show it off with the perfect frame! Floating frames for canvas are our high-quality stretched prints fitted with a sleek, minimalistic frame around the edge to create complete and classy customized gifts.

Floating frames are so called because they don't appear to touch the canvas; the canvas seems to be "floating" above the frame. There are even options for collage frames, perfect for grouping related pictures.

This simple add-on to your best personalized photo gifts takes them from "Nice" to "WOW!"

The CanvasChamp Difference

You can always trust CanvasChamp for quality canvas prints, fast processing, and quick delivery!

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