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Canvas Banner

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Canvas banners give you a high quality alternative to vinyl banners. These banners are printed in the highest quality, which can easily be seen in the rich texture and finish. Banners on Canvas are excellent for trade shows, exhibitions, and other types of promotional events where vivid and vibrant colors are needed.

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Use same Email ID for HighTail and CanvasChamp account to expedite order processing. PROOFS will be sent once order is placed from our Design Team for approval.
Use same Email ID for HighTail and CanvasChamp account to expedite order processing. PROOFS will be sent once order is placed from our Design Team for approval.

Your Creativity Incorporated into a Customised High Quality Canvas Banner

Custom Canvas Banner Printing

Are you a participant in a trade show or an exhibition? How are you planning to promote your product, services, and company? If you are thinking of choosing vinyl banners to do your bidding, you can expect your promotional efforts to be in vain. You require a promotional sign that will draw people to learn more about what you are selling, not just glance and walk away. There is only one type of sign to help you achieve the type of reaction you are looking to receive-canvas signs prints!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

The type of picture, message, or size does not matter to us, as we can get anything printed on our high quality canvas banners. We have some tips for you to make your picture turn out amazing though! For instance, try to keep the image approximately two inches from the edge and we offer different tips for raster files and images for you consider before uploading your picture to our servers.

Make Your Stall a Hit

We bet most of the stalls at the event will have a vinyl banner. Even though it is one of the most commonly used banners, it is not necessarily the best one. You need to differentiate your stall from the rest by going up one notch by investing in our canvas banners in New Zealand. Your high quality banner may just become the highlight of your stall. Remember, when it comes to exposure and publicity at trade shows and exhibitions, going small just doesn’t cut it anymore!

Bring a Canvas Banner Home

Canvas banners in NZ are more than just promotional displays, but they also make impressive decor for homes. If you are a creative person who wants to use unconventional decoration methods, canvas banners may be your answer to achieve it. We can print your favourite picture on a canvas banner for you to put up in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or entrance.

High Quality and Affordable Canvas Signs Prints in NZ

When it comes to guaranteeing quality and affordability, CanvasChamp has others beat! Our competitive prices and superior quality canvas banners are few reasons of our success with homeowners and businesses. We are determined to provide you with a canvas banner you will be proud to display in your home, store, or at an event. If you are hosting a birthday party, our canvas banners will be a great way to say, “Happy Birthday!”

If you are looking for a company that keeps its promises about quality and affordability, you have found them. We print your pictures on our canvas banners, keeping your specifications in mind. We are confident in our ability to convert you into a happy and satisfied customer.

You can contact us if you have any questions. If not, the process to upload your picture onto our servers is easy and simple. If you are stuck, please do not hesitate to call us because we are here help.

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