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Canvas Banners in New Zealand

Try canvas banner printing with CanvasChamp for the best experience

Canvas Banner - The Centre of Attention

Canvas Banner - The Centre of Attention

Banners are meant to be the focal piece of any brand or company in trade fairs and exhibitions, which is why they need to be great looking and sturdy. Hence, getting your banners done with a commercial printer like us is only beneficial to get the best high-quality canvas fabric material as your banner. Banners made of canvas are reliable and flexible because we use a state-of-the-art printing process to design and develop them. So stand apart from the crowd with the designs of your brand and get noticed!

Personalised Canvas Banner Printing in New Zealand

Personalised Canvas Banner Printing in New Zealand

Advertising and promotion campaigns done with canvas banners send out a powerful message. You can utilise them for indoor as well as an outdoor display because they are durable in nature of all the environmental elements. You can drape them on building walls, hang them from poles, suspend it over the streets, etc to attract attention for its sheer size and positioning. Custom canvas banners can market your business in a smart way that can result in huge dividends with minimal investment.

CanvasChamp will help you serve the purpose of advertising by producing the exact design replica on the fabric of a canvas banner that you make on the editing tool online on our website. We provide you options in customisation that no other competitors do to deliver you the exact item that you visualised to have in the first place. All you have to do is upload your idea/design in an image form on the tool, personalise it with our customising options, get a design proof on your email, and approve it as soon as you can. Converting your concept of the kind of canvas banners you want in reality is our job. We are available 24x7 to assist you in the designing process as well.

Features of Our Canvas Banner

These qualities of our canvas banner will keep your banners different from the rest

  • Polycotton Fabric

  • Lightweight

  • UV-Resistant

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Choose Any Size

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Can you print 5' X 8' Banners?
    A: Yes, we can print canvas banners of any sizes up to 360' by 1200'. For further information, you can mail us at cs@canvaschamp.com or go over our banner design tool to customise your banner with your own preferred choices.
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  • Q: Does the canvas weight or its material vary from regular canvas items? What is the difference in canvas banners compared to your rolled canvas prints?
    A: Yes, the mass of the rolled canvas print will vary to canvas banners as a rolled canvas is mostly stretched canvas. It also depends upon the size of the canvas print you choose. Also, if using banners for personal purpose, you can use rolled canvas as it is affordable with good quality, but for promotional uses, canvas banners fit the purpose best.
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  • Q: How to clean my banners to preserve them longer?
    A: Custom canvas banners from us are easy to clean. All you need to do is dampen a soft cloth with water or mild detergent and wipe over the photo-side of the banner to clean the photo.
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  • Q: What kind of hardware are grommets?
    A: Canvas banners come in three hardware options with us, among which nickel grommets are one of them. They are punched on every corner for hanging, and some punched on the edges of the banner for durable mounting.
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  • Q: Can I design a full-colour canvas banner?
    A: Yes, CanvasChamp lets you design a canvas banner in full-colour because we are capable of printing photo-ready banners in high-resolution for you that are ideal for indoors and outdoors.
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  • Q: Can I get to import my logos and fonts on the banner designing tool?
    A: Yes, of course! You can upload your designs and logos for creating a canvas banner online on our site. We even give access to our online clipart gallery where you can add new things to your banner.
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  • Q: I am looking for pricing of a 2' X 8' banner. The artwork will include a 1' X 1' yellow and black square with large black type.
    A: Canvas banner with dimensions 2' x 8' would be around $72. Also, the shipping charges will apply on the type of shipping you would prefer for it. You can upload your file image on this link: http://www.canvaschamp.com/canvas-banner. You can also send us the picture of your artwork through the mail on cs@canvaschamp.com, and we can work the details out.
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  • Q: I already have a layout designed with my graphics department. Can I use that to design my banner?
    A: Yes, of course! You just need to convert your design from your department into an image format of JPG, PNG or BMP and you can upload that on our editing tool to customise it further on the canvas banner.
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