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Ornaments to Make Your Tree Shine

This Christmas, pick the best photos as your very own tree decoration.
Create Your Christmas Photo Trinkets

Create Your Christmas Photo Trinkets

You can even gift them to your friends and family!

Christmas is the best times of the year to cherish the most treasured photos of the family. You can take your photo viewing sessions with the family during this season to the next level by printing photos on ornaments! And yes, it is possible to showcase your pictures on decorations. CanvasChamp is bringing you an extensive collection of personalised photo ornaments wherein you can turn this Christmas into a fun celebration. Our design tool will let you pick any of your photos to recreate them on the decorations, and you can adorn your tree with the highlights of the year!

Photo Decorations Styled in Two Ways

Pick the best material to go with your Christmas tree
Metal Ornaments
Metal Ornaments

These are the best as they are durable, shiny and look modern as well. You can select various shapes and designs to match your photos with a custom text.

Wooden Ornaments
Wooden Ornaments

Try out the rustic look that a wooden ornament showcases over the tree! Take up a family photo on a heart or a circle and make your Christmas tree beautiful with it!

Want a Different Shape? We Got it!

We have unique shapes for all the Christmas tree decorations
  • Rectangle


    Display your perfect photos the ideal way.

  • Square


    Instagram photos the grid style on your tree.

  • Circle


    Let your memories go round and round on the tree.

  • Rectangle Bracket

    Rectangle Bracket

    Add some elegance with brackets on a rectangle.

  • Square Bracket

    Square Bracket

    Frame your square photos fair and square.

  • Hexagon


    Let your photos shine bright on a hexagon ornament.

  • Stocking


    For kids and adults alike are stocking ornaments.

  • Oval


    Show the gems of your family on an oval-shaped ornament.

  • Heart


    Heart your memories dearly on this shape.

  • Bell


    Ring the bells of the holidays with your photos on bell-shaped!

  • Bone


    Let your pet be included with their photo on a bone-shaped.

  • Jewelled Snowflake

    Jewelled Snowflake

    Sparkle the tree with the snowflakes on a spree!

Photo Ornaments for Everyone in the Family

Photo Ornaments for Everyone in the Family

You can now create with ease some of the best Christmas ornaments that you might have on your tree! Choose from our vast collection of ornament-making tool options, and you can utilise your favourite photos of your kids, family, or even a couple for Christmas decor. We provide custom wood and metal ornaments with over ten designs and shapes to honour the whole family!

Once you find the concept of your tree decorating items, simply go through our ornamentation tool to customise the decorations with individual messages, names, monograms and also photos. Preview the designs to know how close you are to what you want, and we will deliver the exact same thing as designed! Our turnaround is so quick that if you personalise Christmas ornaments by the start of the holidays, we'll still deliver before the Santa's arrival!

So make Christmas tree decorations displaying a photo of each member of your family and hang them all season long on the tree and enjoy it next year too!

All You Need to Know About Photo Ornaments from CanvasChamp

Custom Christmas Ornaments
Custom Christmas Ornaments

We are here to be the one-stop-shop for customised holiday ornaments, and we offer a bundle of options in various shapes and designs to make your tree decoration absolutely original. Whether you want a kids' photo on a wooden cube ornament for the granny or a picture of your beloved pet, we have every single detail covered for you.

Shape Your Custom Ornaments
Shape Your Custom Ornaments

Can you imagine that this year, instead of stars, glitter bulbs and snowmen, you will actually have personalised Christmas ornaments hanging on the tree? You can give any shape to the decorations on materials like wood and metal with us.

Design Ornaments For Christmas This Year
Design Ornaments For Christmas This Year

We are giving you a brilliant opportunity to be in charge of your own Christmas workshop this year! You can create the Christmas decorations in any shape, style or design that you want to see on your very own tree. If you like a natural, rustic look, then opt for wood photo decorations and give them whatever shape you want before uploading your photos on it. For a modern style of honour, we have metal ornaments for which you can also shape and customise in any way you want after uploading the photos on the tool. We have simplified your designing experience to help you create the custom ornaments exactly how you imagined.

Gift Christmas Photo Ornaments
Gift Christmas Photo Ornaments

Since we make it easy for you to create Christmas decorating items, then why keep it to yourself? Share your concepts and creativity with all your family and friends! Send some love towards the grandparents with personalised Christmas ornaments and delight them with the smiles from their grandchildren! Send in respects to the teachers of the kids with a personalised message wishing them happy holidays. Sure, sending a postcard to wish the best is the long-lived tradition, but why not support it with an annual ornaments exchange as well? Let your friends and family retrospect on the recent memories of the year or any from the past. So send some joy and delight on the way of your loved ones this Christmas with personalised ornaments!

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