The Art of Printing Directly on Wood

Custom Engraved Plaques

The art of printing on wood is not a new technique but rather an ancient one. We have been doing it for years, but only that are printing methods are advancing from generation to generation. We have a wood printing technology that covers all kinds of art prints- from the retail point of purchase to gallery exhibitions style.

Carved Wood Photos in New Zealand

Engraved wood plaques hold a special significance because they are etched on a plank of wood to last it forever. Gifting a personalised plaque to someone conveys a strong message that you care for them beyond everything. And you would only want the best for someone you care so deeply about, right? So, gift a wooden plaque from not just an online store but the best in New Zealand- from us!

The Unusual Charm of Wooden Printing Displays

Engraving on a wood plaque with perfection is not smooth. But we can carve any photo, or text you wish on a wooden plaque. Our advanced laser technology lets us focus on the details of your picture very carefully. And with the high-quality timber wood that we use, your photo is going to look one-of-a-kind on a wood plaque. We offer different sizes to help you fit the right resolution of your pictures on the wood to etch a perfect image.

The laser technology that we use helps us mark your high-resolution photo without letting the pieces of wood protrude outwards. A monochrome sepia filter is used to print your photo on the wooden plaque. The reason why out of all the framed pictures that you have and when you place a wood print among them, it will stick out- is because it is polished wood!

Creating Custom Wood Prints Online - The Printing Process Explained

You must be wondering that getting a photo created on a wooden plaque must be a tedious job? It's actually the opposite. Our straightforward and simple online editing tool will help you in only minutes to design your very customised engraved plaques. Here are the steps to follow to make beautifully engraved plaques:

  • 1.Upload the photo you have chosen
  • 2.Analyse the preview of your photo on wood print
  • 3.Select from six available sizes
  • 4.Choose a border that would go with your photo
  • 5.Check out and pay online securely on the website

Our editing software will then remove all the trivial details from the image which are not needed such as the background, colour, etc., as the real star of the picture, is you! You can add a name, a message, or quotes to the picture if you like by requesting us an email regarding the same. See? Just in a few steps, you can get your very own wood prints to gift to someone or decorate your home!

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