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Engraved Wood Prints

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Engrave your way to eternity. Exclusive engraving on wood for personalized plaques.
All plaques are engraved using state of the art LASER engravers on wood. Excellent for desktops. Makes a unique personalized gift.
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Starts At N$40.00
No Risk, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
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Engraved Wood Prints-Engraving Done with Love

Custom Engraved Plaques

Personalised engraved plaques hold an extra special meaning to them. When you gift it to someone, it conveys a strong message, telling them you care. The emotion it evokes is all too surreal. It tells them that the other person cared to go out of their way to give them a picture with a message engraved in wood. You only want to get the best for someone you care so deeply about. Therefore, giving a gift from just any online store, selling engraved plaques in New Zealand, will not work because you need the best; you need us!

The Radiant and Unique Appeal of Engraved Wood Prints

We can engrave your picture, a saying, or both on the wooden plaque. We have high-tech laser technology on our side. Our high quality steamed beech timber wood is available in a variety of different sizes. We use our state-of-the art laser technology to etch a perfect picture, details intact, onto the premium quality timber wood.

The laser technology ensures you receive a high-resolution picture without pieces of wood protruding outwards. We use monochrome sepia to print photo on wood. When you place the engraved wood print on the mantle next to your other framed pictures, can you guess which one will stick out?-the engraved wood print, of course!

Create Your Own Work of Art Online

How long will it take you create a personalised engraved plaques? With our straightforward online creation process, it will take you only a few minutes. Here are the steps to create your own engraved wood print, either for you or as a gift to someone else:

  • 1.You can select from four available sizes, 5 X 7, 6 X 8, 7.5 X 10, and 9 X 12 inches
  • 2.You need to choose a layout, portrait, landscape, or best fit (our recommended layout option)
  • 3.You have the option to select from one of our design templates or submit one of your own creation
  • 4.Our software program will remove all the additional details from the image such as the background, as the real star of the picture is you!
  • 5.You can add a message, a name, or quotes to the picture if you like

In a few simple and easy to follow steps, you will have your engraved wood print ready.

The Waiting Game

From the date of your order, you need to count seven days ahead. We take no longer than seven days to deliver engraved plaques in NZ. In the event the product fails to meet your expectations, we give you a 30-day money back guarantee.

However, that is hardly the case with our customers. Our engraved wood prints go through inspection before being shipped to their proper addresses. We aim to provide our customers with a product we would be delighted to get as well.

If you are planning to order an engraved plaque to give to someone to celebrate a special occasion, we hope you choose us to provide you with that perfect gift.

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