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60+ Best Personalised Gifts Ideas Guide NZ - Black Friday Day 2022

60+ Best Personalised Gifts Ideas Guide NZ - Black Friday Day 2022

By CanvasChampNovember, 28 2022November, 29 2022Comment

Gifts are close to our hearts, no matter who gave them to us. It means that the person who gifted you put effort into finding something valuable. But there are a few gifts in our life that hit differently on Black Friday 2022. But what makes these gifts different?  

One Answer: Personalised!  

When you get a gift that is truly unique and truly suited to your personality, this gift will always remain close to your heart. And in this guide, that’s what we will help you choose. We will help you choose the right, personalised gift for your loved one that’s simple and pocket-friendly yet will leave them touched. 

So, are you ready?  

60+ Popular Black Friday Gift Ideas  

  • Black Friday Day Gift Ideas for Room Décor  
  • Black Friday Day Gift Ideas for Wall Décor  
  • Black Friday Day Gift Ideas for Table Décor  
  • Black Friday Photo Gift Ideas  

Let’s Get Started  


Black Friday Day Gift Ideas for Room Décor   

1. Photo Blanket (Throw Pillow) 

Blankets are cosy; to make them even more comfortable, personalise them with a photo or text of your choice. Gift them to a friend and make their Black Friday memorable.  

2. Woven Blanket  

Thinking about gift ideas for a newly married couple? Get your hands on these personalised woven blankets and print a lovely picture of the couple for gifting them on Black Friday.  

3. Fleece Blanket 

These fuzzy yet silky smooth fleece blankets will be a godsend for anyone in these winters—one more surprise. You can even personalise them. Now that is cheery on the cake.  

4. Fleece Sherpa Blanket  

Fleece Sherpa blankets are something everybody wants because of their soft and fluffy texture. Get them custom-made by adding a picture of your best friend, and their Black Friday will be sorted.  

5. Pillow Cover  

Personalised pillow covers that are made with high-quality material are what everybody is picking for gifting this Black Friday. Then why aren’t you?  

6. Photo Pillow  

Comfort your long-distance girlfriend by sending a pillow with a picture of both of you so that she can hug that on the night of Black Friday. How romantic! 

7. Pet-Shaped Pillow  

Do you love your pet more than any human alive? Turn your pet’s favourite photo into a pet-shaped pillow, which will sort the home decor of your or your pet’s house.  

8. Sequin Pillow  

We don’t know one human who doesn’t like to play with sequin fabric. Get your loved one’s photos or initials printed on the sequin pillow and play with them this Black Friday. 


Black Friday Day Gift Ideas for Wall Décor  

1. Photo Frames  

Photo frames will never be an old idea to gift someone for wall decor. With the new technology, poster prints can easily be customised in so many ways that you will be shocked to see.  

2. Photo Mosaic  

Have you seen photo mosaics on the internet? A photo mosaic is one picture that is composed of many smaller photographs. Sounds so very cool, right? Gift a custom-made photo mosaic to a friend this Black Friday.  

3. Wall Decals  

Wall decals or wall vinyl are these trendy wall stickers that can be personalised. You can get your friends’ favourite pictures or quotes printed on them, and their house walls will look ravishing this Black Friday.  

4. Engraved Photos on Wood  

Are you a fan of antiques? Then you would love an engraved photo on wood. Pick a favourite picture of your friend and get it engraved on a piece of food to solidify your friendship.  

5. Framed Canvas  

Why gift just a photo when you can give a whole canvas? Spice things up a little and frame your favourite moments in these canvases for gifting someone special this Black Friday.  

6. Photo Collage  

Can’t decide which picture to choose for gifting to a close one? Well, gift them all by incorporating them in a photo collage and remind them of your favourite moments.  

7. Custom Wall Clock  

Wall clocks are as classy as a gift can get. All of us have our smartphones, still, every house needs a wall clock. It’s a given. And yes, the background of a wall clock can have a family picture to remind you of happiness every time you see it.  

8. Metal Prints  

Yes, metal prints are a thing now. Have a look at them if you are looking for a sturdy gift. They are premium quality photo prints on metal with minor glare and the best colour vibrancy.  

9. Acrylic Prints  

Everybody likes to be reminded of joyous memories spent in the past. Remind your partner about those by getting the pictures printed on these acrylic prints. With so many printing options available, we assure you that acrylic prints are the best.  

10. Split Canvas Prints  

Have a picture that is larger than life, literally and figuratively? A split canvas print will be just the right pick for you. Split the image into 2, 3, or even four canvas prints, and they will look beautiful on the wall of your home.  

11. Pop Art Canvas  

Do you know someone who lives for pop art? A pop art canvas will be just the right gift for them. Long gone is the time when canvases were just for painting galleries. Now they are part of every house’s decor.  

12. 3D Photo Print  

Do you think photos are only 2D? Well, you are certainly wrong. Now they are very much available in 3D photo prints. Pick a picture, and professionals will be happy to convert it into 3D prints to make them look realistic.  

13. Photo Wall Tiles  

Mesmerize your wife with these photo wall tiles that she can use anywhere at home. Simply print them with your beautiful memories and let her decide where she wants to stick them. 

14. Personalised Wall Art  

Wall arts make for amazing gifts and if they are personalised then they show that you have some effort while selecting the gift. How about you get one (or more) for your dear ones for gifting this Black Friday? 

15. Canvas Floater Frames  

Thinking, what are floater frames? Well, they are frames that give the effect of floating as they don’t touch the canvas printed inside them. Trust us, they are a treat to the eyes and perfect for gifting someone this Black Friday.  

16. Canvas Prints  

Get these vibrant and fade-resistant canvas prints that you can even personalise. Available in various sizes, they are replacing traditional photos. Any recipient would love to receive such a gift.  

17. Shaped Canvas Prints

Want to get even more creative? Try out these canvas prints available in different shapes like hexagons, circles, and triangles. You name it, we have it for you. They are made without compromising the quality for customers like you.  

18. Black Friday Poster 

If you own a small store, throwing a party, you can now customize your own custom Black Friday Posters online from CanvasChamp. 

19. Black Friday Banner  

Choose to customize Black Friday banners online with your preferred photos. Get it delivered anywhere in New Zealand.  

20. Canvas Bus Rolls  

Small things look good on your dining table. Place a custom bus roll which you can shop for with our exclusive Black Friday sale.  

21. Digital Oil Painting  

Are you an artist yourself? Why not print one of your oil paintings as digital art and gift it to your loved ones? This way, everyone can have a piece of their art without feeling left out.  

22. Quotes on Canvas  

Motivate your siblings to work harder by printing an inspirational quote on canvas and gifting it to them. These quotes will serve as reminders to get out of your comfort zone and do things others are not doing.  

23. Lyrics on Canvas  

Lyrics on canvas are the safest go-to wall decor idea for your loved ones. Simply print lines from their favourite song, and there you have it. A beautiful wall decor.  

24. Wall Calendar  

Turn that boring wall calendar at your mom’s house into something interesting. Like? Like a wall calendar with your family photos. Imagine each month dedicated to a person in the family. That would be interesting, right?  

25. Poster Calendar  

New year is coming, so you Must Plan to change your current calendar. What's better than having a beautiful, customized wall calendar with all your favorite photos?  

26. Double Layer Acrylic Frame 

If you are planning to give someone the most exciting gift, customize a double-layer acrylic frame online with CanvasChamp. You can save more with an exclusive Black Friday sale. 

27. Clear Acrylic Frame  

Are you bored with giving the same old gifts to your loved ones? Well, on Black Friday, you can customize a clear acrylic frame with your last holiday trip photographs.  


Black Friday Day Gift Ideas for Table Décor   

When it comes to home decor, we always want things close to our hearts. So, here we present a list of custom table decor ideas which you can customize as per your choice on Black Friday.  

1. Magic Photo Mug  

Let’s be honest; we all need a magic photo mug. Who doesn’t want a hidden message every time they pour tea or coffee into the cup? Our inner child does. So, gift it to someone who desperately needs to awaken their inner child.  

2. Photo Coaster  

Nothing is more irritating than a drop of tea, coffee, or water being left behind on our favourite furniture. We’re sure your mother hates cleaning it. So, make it easy for her. Gift her a photo coaster to catch these drops while leaving her furniture intact.  

3. Custom Mouse pad  

A mouse pad is something we never think of gifting. But an ergonomic custom mousepad is every gamer’s dream! So, if you know a gamer in your life, gift it to them to make them win in every game.  

4. Custom Tabletop  

What table decor to gift your sister? We’ve got you. Choose this custom tabletop with her favourite quote printed on it. She is going to swoon over it till eternity.  

5. Acrylic Photo Block  

Every table needs cute family pictures. What do you say? Gift your wife an attractive acrylic photo block that she can use on her table as a beautiful decor and smile when her eyes go to it. Happy wife, happy life.  

6. Photo Mug  

Photo mugs and table pair together well. Gift this custom photo mug to your grandmother and remind her of her young days when she used to feed you whenever you visited her.  

7. Chopping Board  

Chefs are always found in the kitchen. It doesn’t necessarily need to be your mother or grandmother! So, go back to your memory lane and check who spends most time in the kitchen. Then gift this custom chopping board to them printed with their favourite foods. Got them?  

8. Heart Handle Mug  

If you have a bookworm addicted to romance novels, this is a perfect gift for her. The heart handle mug is the ultimate beauty to stare at. You can customize it with quotes from her favourite novels to take it to the next level.  

9. Beer Mug  

Father just needs a beer and will happily spend his day lounging. Gift him this unique beer mug printed with Beer for a cute papa bear and watch his face glow with excitement.  

10. Frosted Mug  

If flower vases don’t interest your wife, this frosted mug will. It’s blurry, and charming beauty can attract everyone’s attention, so good for decor lover wifey who loves to fill the home with beautiful things. 

11. Caricature Photo Stand  

Gift this no-fail table decor to your co-worker, so they can add their beautiful memories on the worktable and smile while remembering those moments. 

12. 3D Crystal Cube  

Adorn your little brother’s study table with this 3D crystal cube that he can watch when his mind is roaming somewhere else. On a serious note, print the cube with his favourite photos that motivates him to be a better human being.  

13. Photo 3D Lamp  

This sculpted photo 3D lamp is the ultimate beauty to stare at. Guess who will love it? An artist. So, gift this to someone who adores artistic things; we’re sure they will not stop swooning over it.  

14. Acrylic Mobile Stand 

If your grandpa has the habit of forgetting where he kept his mobile, here’s the perfect gift for him. Gift this cute acrylic mobile stand to your grandpa and ask him to use it to store his mobile phone. So, next time he won’t go crazy finding his phone all over the home.  

15. Desk Calendar  

Nothing sets a working mood faster than a calendar. So, if you have lately found yourself distracted, gift yourself this desk calendar that will act as a friendly reminder to stop being distracted and get yourself back to work.  

16. Spotify Love Plaque  

Every person has that one special song that left a deep mark on their heart. And if you know that special song, why not gift a Spotify love plaque as a sweet remembrance? We’re sure they will love it.  

17. Custom Moon Lamp  

Looking for beautiful, low-maintenance table decor for your lazy friend? This one is what you need. This custom moon lamp is minimalistic table decor that adds otherworldly beauty to the entire room with its presence. Best of all, it doesn’t need much maintenance.  

18. Heart-Shaped Moon Lamp  

The best gift idea for newly married couples to keep their love alive! Do you know someone who recently got married? Yes? Then this is the gift made in heaven for them.  

19. Tabletop (Canvas, Acrylic, Metallic)  

One of the simplest ways to decorate a table for a date? Tabletop! Grab these beautiful canvases, acrylic and metallic tabletops and add much-needed personality to the table. Yes, a table needs a personality too. A gift to make your date remarkable.  


Black Friday Photo Gift Ideas  

With so many holidays and occasions, you need gifts for all. This might sound scary as choosing the gift can be overwhelming and cause a hole in your pocket.  

That's why we bring you a list of custom photo gifts that are cute, durable, and easy on the pocket due to our mega Black Friday sale.  

1. Fridge Photo Magnet  

Are you visiting old friends after your college days? You can now carry cute little fridge photo Magnets having your college time photographs. Ask them to magnetise it in the fridge and stay in touch forever.  

2. Photo Ornament  

Shop for photo ornaments on Black Friday so that your Christmas decor will be stunning. These custom photo ornaments will have your chosen photos and Clipart. You can also pack them and give them to your guests as a return gift.  

3. Custom Tote Bag  

Be it grocery shopping, a wedding, or beach day tote bag is every lady’s best friend. Grab the things, put them in and step out. Do you know a lady who needs a tote bag asap? Gift it to her.  

4. Photo Book  

Preserve your grandma’s special memories in this custom photo book and gift it to her. There will be a few tears shed, but she will love it.  

5. Photo Diary  

There’s one person in our life who has the habit of journaling each day without fail. Get this person a photo diary to make their journaling more magical. 

6. Photo Prints  

Gifts don’t have to be complicated. They just need to be heart-touching. Something as simple as photo prints can be a great gift if you know what touches the receiver’s heart. 

7. Custom Rubik’s Cube  

Rubik’s cube is an Inteligent's game. But let’s turn it into an average man’s game by printing memories of your loved ones. They will have a blast matching up the pieces to create a bigger picture.  

8. Photo Socks 

How to make your little one wear socks when it’s cold? Get them printed socks. Children need something funny, something visual to wear. Well, it might as well be socks.  

9. Playing Cards  

Every holiday, families gather at the end to play cards. But have you ever played cards with cute pictures of your family? Nayy? Then, now's the time. Get one deck for you and a few for other family members. 

10. Light Switch Panels  

You have seen a white light switch panel, but have you ever seen a printed light switch panel? Well, yeah, they are unique. 

Get one for yourself, and then if you love it, gift it to others. However, we may want you to know it’s addicting.  

11. Photo Puzzle  

Puzzles, ohh, puzzles are every kid's best friend. If you are the parent of a snuggly kid who refuses to leave you even for a minute, get him this photo puzzle, and your kid will detach faster than anything else.  

12. Custom Aprons  

Remind your sibling to start cooking your favourite food with custom aprons. Simply print your request on it, and gift it. Every time they wear it, they’re going to see your request. They will cook you some food too.  

13. Luggage Tags  

Know someone who keeps losing their luggage at luggage counters? Well, they need these luggage tags asap. Print their name, photo, and contact number on luggage tags, and they will never lose their luggage again. 

14. Custom Yoga Mat  

Get your friend a yoga mat and start a healthy routine every morning. Who knows, your friend will join the health marathon soon.  

15. Photo Umbrella  

Umbrellas are not only for rain. Use it anytime, no matter the weather. This photo umbrella stands out from others because, well, have you ever seen an umbrella with your pictures? Get one and try it for yourself. 

16. Photo Bookmark  

Bookworms and nerds, here’s an excellent gift for you. A photomask with your picture. Isn’t it fun seeing your face on the bookmark when you reach to read that page?  

17. Power Bank  

A power bank is a traveller’s best friend. Having a low battery and not finding a charger point is every traveller’s nightmare. But this custom power bank is here to save your day. Gift it to yourself or your loved ones; it’s a versatile gift for everyone 

18. Custom Flash Drive  

Got a friend in IT who seriously needs to get a flash drive? Well, why don’t you give it to him? We’re sure he will love having another cute flash drive that he keeps forgetting to buy for himself.  


Black Friday Gift Set or Bundle to Get   

We bring you some of the most exciting Black Friday Day Offers:  

BOSSBOGO - Buy one get one free  

B2G1 - Buy two, get one free  

B6G3 - Buy six get three free  

B9G4 - Buy nine, get four free


Black Friday Gift Certificate  

Not sure what to give? Customize a gift certificate and let your loved ones make a call about what to buy.  


The Parting Note 

That’s all. A gift guide to help you choose gifts that will leave quite an impression on your loved ones. Who knows, you will start getting more gifts in return?  



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