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Buy Customise Photo Ornaments on Christmas Sale

ONE-OF-A-KIND Christmas Photo Gifts DISCOUNTS


Embrace the Holiday Season with CanvasChamp Christmas Sale

Don’t resist buying amazing photo gifts this Christmas season! Make your way to your loved ones’ hearts this holiday with customised photo gifts for all! Our high-quality products are full of fun, entertainment, and we promise timely delivery to maintain the charm and uniqueness of Christmas! Let your Christmas Day become more special with our range of photo gifts.

What kind of products do you sell on Christmas Day?

We sell a variety of customized products, including photo prints, photo items, canvas prints, etc., on Christmas Day. All these products are prepared considering the design and shipment requirements of the customer and come with numerous savings for global customers.

Can I customize my Christmas photo items?

It is easy to customize all your Christmas photo items. The choice of photo or text is yours. Our dedicated designing team takes charge to deliver the right quality products without tempering designs on this Christmas Day.

How do I order Christmas gifts online?

It is super easy to order Christmas gifts online through our official website. All you need to do is select the type of gifts that you want to order; place the order by adding your address details. It is easy to complete the online payment using PayPal/ credit card/ debit card, etc.

How many photos can I use in a custom gift for Christmas Day?

Any custom gift for Christmas Day can include as many photos as you like. However, the choice of the photo’s exact number depends on the design of the gift. Hence, you can select the design according to the number of photos that you want to accommodate in your Christmas gift.

Can I make Christmas photo gifts on my phone?

Our designing tool is free for all users globally, and the easy-to-navigate options make it helpful to work alone on it, even from a mobile. Hence, it is super easy to make Christmas photo gifts using your smartphone. Not to miss are the pre-designed templates that solve the confusion in selecting the right designs.

Can I edit the photos on my gift?

It is super easy to select high-quality and clear photos to eliminate and design issues in your gift. The customized filters in the design tool further help in editing the photos-crop, sharpen, or darken according to your requirements quickly.

Which image file type should I upload?

JPG or JPEG, PNG and BMP are the recommended image file types to upload in preparing your photo gift. All these formats are compatible with our design tools and never create any quality issues at the end.

How many days does it take to ship a product out?

The Christmas season is the most festive, and hence we are busy delivering, preparing, and shipping multiple orders.You may have to wait for a week or more to get your product shipped due to the rush of orders due to the upcoming Christmas photo gifts Eve.

Are there any additional promos or deals going on?

All the Christmas products are available at exciting pricing to global users. You can go through the website offers page before getting the deals about any additional promos or sales.

Will it be here by the holidays?

We take charge of delivering your order quickly to your place this Christmas season. Further, due to the weather and festival limitations, any issues in delay will be communicated well in advance to eliminate any last-minute problems to the customer. Likewise, we will try our best to deliver your order before the holidays.

How can I find or track my purchase?

It is super easy and quick to find or track your purchase. All you need to do is keep the order ID with you. Then, you can simply log in to your account and go to the last orders to check the progress of your order. You can further contact the customer service team if there are any issues.

Do you offer gift cards?

We provide gift cards that are hassle-free ways to give your loved ones the best options from CanvasChamp. You can purchase our gift cards and share them with your friends or relatives.

What payment options are there?

PayPal or any other credit or debit card is the available payment option for your purchases. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the payments as there are multiple options available to global users. We further offer a safe gateway to enter all your banking details without worrying about security.