3D Printable Miniature Half Body with Hand Painted

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3D Printable Miniature Half Body with Hand Painted
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    Acrylic Stand

    (JPG, PNG, BMP and JPEG files accepted.)

    Product Description:

    • Turn memories into Personalised 3D Half Body Miniatures of you or your loved ones.
    • Upload your photo to CanvasChamp for easy customisation.
    • Available in 5 distinct sizes, from small 15-Centimetre statues to impressive 40-Centimetre displays.
    • Our advanced printing delivers a 3D effect that brings your mini figure to life!
    • Experience lifelike detail with our advanced 3D printing techniques.
    • Each Half Body 3D Miniature boasts a complimentary, robust acrylic stand.
    • Experience unparalleled quality without breaking the bank.
    • An exquisite blend of durability and portability for every crafted piece.

    Why Shop 3D Miniature from CanvasChamp?

    • Ship within 24 Hours

    • Affordable Price

    • Best Quality Assured

    • Custom Design Options

    Your Memories, Our Half Body 3D Miniatures

    From photos to custom 3D half body miniatures: reimagining your special moments.

    • For Single Half Body

      For Single Half Body

      Delve into the world of personalised art with our 3D miniature half-body creations. We meticulously craft a lifelike representation of an individual with just a photograph. It's not just a model; it's a testament to moments, memories, and milestones.

    • For Couples Half Body

      For Couples Half Body

      Celebrate love and togetherness with our bespoke 3D miniature creations for couples. By transforming your cherished photos into exquisite half-body miniatures, we offer a novel way to remember your shared moments. It's a perfect blend of art and emotion, just like your love story.

    Modern Gifting: 3D Miniature Corporate Edition

    Setting new gifting benchmarks with Half-body 3D Miniatures for businesses.

    Modern Gifting: 3D Miniature Corporate Edition

    In the evolving corporate world, the art of gifting has transformed, with 3D Miniature Printing emerging as the newest trend. The Half Body 3D Miniature is a unique and personalised gift, symbolising appreciation and respect towards employees, partners, and clients.

    The Personalised Half-Body Miniature Doll is the epitome of craftsmanship and reflects an individual's persona. This makes it perfect for marking milestones like work anniversaries, promotions, or retirement. The 3D Miniature Single Man can be a fitting gift for guest speakers at corporate events or for potential clients at business meetings.

    Unlike traditional gifts, these miniatures blend technology and art, making them memorable keepsakes that recipients are likely to cherish. Dive into the world of 3D miniature printing and give your corporate gifting a modern twist.

    Embracing the 3D Miniature Revolution for Memorable Gifting

    Custom 3D Half Body Miniatures: A New Dimension to Personal Gifting

    Dive into a world of creativity and emotion with our Custom 3D Half Body Miniatures. Perfect for capturing family gatherings, adventures with friends, or solo journeys, these miniatures bring memories to life. As centrepieces in living rooms or cherished additions to personal spaces, they're not just gifts but timeless reminders of moments that matter.

    3D Miniature Half Body For Those Unforgettable Snapshots

    There's something magical about freezing a moment in time, and our 3D Miniature Half Body does precisely that. Whether it's your child's first step, a partner's milestone birthday, or a graduation day pose, transform these fleeting memories into a tangible keepsake. With intricate details and lifelike design, it becomes an eternal reminder of those moments that tug at your heartstrings.

    Gifts that Echo Relationships: Personalised 3D Half-Body Miniature

    The bond we share with our loved ones is unique and deserves a gift just as special. A Personalised 3D Half Body Miniature captures the essence of relationships — the joyous laughter of siblings, the silent support between friends, or the romantic gaze shared by couples. For anniversaries, reunions, or to say "I appreciate you," this miniature is a heartwarming gesture that speaks volumes.

    Playful Moments Captured: Personalised Bobblehead Miniature

    Sometimes, the best memories are the ones where we let loose and embrace our quirky side. The Personalised Bobblehead Miniature is a nod to these playful times. It is ideal for gifting your fun-loving friend, a colleague known for their desk toys, or a cousin who's the life of every party. With its characteristic wobble, this bobblehead is bound to bring smiles and rekindle joyful moments.

    Artistic Elegance: Half Bust Stature From Photos

    For those with an eye for detail and a penchant for elegance, our Half Bust Stature From Photos is the epitome of artistic brilliance. Transform wedding photos, milestone portraits, or even ancestral images into statues that exude a sense of heritage and sophistication. This is more than just a gift; it's an heirloom, passed down through generations, celebrating roots and lineage.

    Unique Customisation Ideas for Personalised 3D Half-Body Miniatures

    Unlock a world of endless possibilities with our Personalised 3D Half Body Miniatures. Whether it's a special event or a cherished memory, here are some creative suggestions to make your miniatures stand out:

    • Childhood Revisited: Capture that favourite childhood pose or outfit.
    • Festive Celebrations: Immortalise special festive outfits or dance poses.
    • Sporting Moments: Celebrate an athletic achievement or passion, from marathons to yoga poses.
    • Travel Memories: Recreate a pose from a favourite travel destination or adventure.
    • Hobby Highlight: Showcase personal hobbies, like painting, singing, or playing an instrument.
    • Pets & Their People: Feature a special bond with your furry friend by your side.
    • Special Occasions: Mark engagements, anniversaries, or other milestones with a themed miniature.
    • Dramatic Reenactments: Make it uniquely yours, from famous movie scenes to iconic pop culture moments.

    Let these ideas inspire you, and remember, the only limit is your imagination!


    What are 3D miniatures?

    3D miniatures are small, three-dimensional replicas of objects, characters, or people crafted with intricate detail. You can customise these Half Body 3D Miniatures online at CanvasChamp and gift them to your loved ones!

    How are 3D miniatures made?

    3D miniatures are produced using 3D printing technology. A digital model is sliced into layers, and the printer creates the miniature layer by layer. CanvasChamp uses Face DLP for facial details and Body FDM techniques to ensure precision and accuracy.

    What can I use 3D miniatures for?

    3D miniatures can serve many purposes - from personal keepsakes, collectible items, and gaming pieces to unique gifts for special occasions.

    What materials are used to make 3D miniatures?

    Depending on the desired finish and durability, various materials can be used in 3D printing. CanvasChamp uses Face DLP for the face and body FDM for the rest of the body to ensure a perfect blend of detail and strength.

    Can I customise 3D miniatures?

    Absolutely! Customisation is the essence of 3D miniatures, allowing you to create a piece that perfectly matches your vision.

    What size are 3D miniatures typically made in?

    3D miniatures come in a variety of sizes. CanvasChamp offers sizes ranging from 15 CM, 20 CM, 25 CM, 30 CM, to 40 CM.

    How much does it cost to create 3D miniatures?

    The cost of 3D miniatures varies based on design complexity, size, and material used. However, CanvasChamp offers these miniatures at affordable rates, ensuring value for money.

    What are the best 3D printers for creating miniatures?

    There are numerous 3D printers available, each with its specialty. CanvasChamp relies on printers that support Face DLP for facial precision and body FDM for the overall structure, ensuring top-notch quality and detail.

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